Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The "undetermined grades" have been posted now, so I know what my GPA will be this semester. And while it's not a bad GPA, I can clearly say that I'm not sure that the grades are accurate. In fact, I think that two of them in particular could be grounds for a challenge.

However, there exists some difficulty in a challenge, even more so since I'm in Germany. I've already e-mailed one of my professors and I'm currently working on getting a hold of the other one. We'll see how this game goes down after I've had time to review the grade breakdowns and see if there is even ground enough to challenge the grade that has been given.


Bree said...

Good luck on the challenge, btw...I just checked mine (I GOT AN A IN SEMINAR) but Math is still not posted. If you need anything delivered (or anyone bitched out) I'll be here. ;)

Brad said...

And if it comes to it, she'll even smack them upside the head! come on Lacey, you know you want to!

Bree said...

Well, a good smacking upside the head never hurt anyone, did it? ;)

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