Monday, May 09, 2005

My finals in chronological order:

  • Calculus I [Monday] (6 Problems. Some similar to old tests, but none from previous tests. Worth 30% of my total grade.) Completed with a mild pace. I think I did well on it.
  • Japanese Culture and Society [Monday] (Random number of multiple choice questions and a few essay questions. Worth 20% of my total grade.) Completed quickly with competency. I know I did very well on it.
  • Japanese Language [Wednesday] (Combination of old tests and quizzes with some new stuff. Worth 20% of my total grade.) Completed. Part of it were easy, some were a little difficult. I think I did well on the written exam, but probably bombed the oral exam as expected.

As for my other classes: I'm sure I have an "A" in Speech, an "A" in Debate, and a "P" for my Internship for Reasoned Discourse. With the right mindset and some kick ass work on these finals, I might have a great GPA for this semester that will increase my overall GPA. Schweet! It's time to KILL FINALS!


Blue said...

woohoo! kick ass!

Thister said...

Thanks! :D

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