Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Nancy And Me: Laughing Over Beer At The

Me And The Hofbrau Haus!

The Hofbrau Haus!

The Meaty Lion

Check This Crazy Car!

A Maypole In The Market

The Glockenspiel

Statue In Front Of The Glockenspiel

Another Church in Munich

Hofbrau Lioness and Me

Nancy and Hofbrau Lion

Nancy and The Jezuit Fountain

Fountain In Front of The Jezuit Church

Sculpture At The Jezuit Church

Here are some of the photos I snapped on our first day in Munich. If you want the story behind them, go click on the photos and they will lead you to flickr where the description of each photo is. If you start with the last picture (The One of The Sculpture At The Jezuit Church) and follow the rest of them in order on flckr, you will get the whole story of our first day in Munich. ;)

I have to say that Nancy and I had one hell of a time at the Hofbrauhaus! That's why these pictures are in reverse chronological order. Plus, the first one is my favorite out of all my pictures taken while with Nancy! :D


magnetic_poet said...

And when looking at that pic of me and Wayne at HBhaus, please note that our beers are still FULL! That's how much fun that place was! We hadn't even been drinking yet and we were laughing that hard :-D

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