Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I've been studying for my Japanese Language Final for a few hours now and I'm not too worried about it. Why? Well, instead of actually understanding the language and how to pronounce the words and symbols, all I really need to know is what the kanji looks like and where it was placed on these original quizzes and tests. In fact, I could probably memorize the number order per word on each quiz and test and probably ace the final.

Wow! I'm sure glad I spent two years learning (how to memorize) Japanese!

Post-Script: [Wednesday @ 12:20PM] He didn't do too much changing up, but he did put some stuff on the test that he did not tell us about. Those parts were slightly difficult, but I managed. The written exam seems like it went well enough, but the oral exam totally sucked balls because it was something we barely even studied (giving directions). During which time I told him, in Japanese, "I understand what you are saying/asking, but...(I can't respond)." Apparently he didn't really care for that answer though. Douche. I'm just glad his stupid shit is over. Whata'fucker!


Zucchini said...

WEEEEEE! We learned how to give directions, too! Although we did that much earlier in the semester, so we pretty much knew the stuff for it. But man, I still can't give directions worth shit in either Japanese OR English. XD HA HA HA HA. Our oral exam this time was a presentation. All 6 of us just read out what we wrote. XD Score.

Thister said...

I wish our professor would have done that for our oral exam. That wasn't the case though. We did do an individual presentation, but it didn't count for an oral exam.

It just bugged me that he designed an oral exam without telling us anything that it would be over. He's such a douche.

I kept saying "Ossharu koto wa wakarimasu, ga..." (I understand what you are saying, but...) and he just kept being a dick. I seriously dispise him.

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