Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The crazy robot/computer ticket man at the Checkpoint Charlie Museum who said Nancy's student ID "Does not show grade status" in robot fashion and was a huge asshole.

The rest of the museum was very unorganized, confusing, and kind of nasty. Boo! Nicht Schoen!!


Blue said...

Really? I thought it was kinda cool...the part I saw (my parents spent an HOUR in there... I sped through it in a half an hour)

chace said...

fuckin robots!

good thing they don't produce semen and eggs... Or the would wouldn't be nearly as lovely as it is today.

magnetic_poet said...

I was starting to get pissed, that's for sure. He acted like he was an android, but not as smart. Even with the student discount I had to pay 5.50 Euro -- and that was for a totally campy/disorganized/assy/full-of-potential-but-poorly-executed museum. Not only that, but the next museum we tried to go to (the New National Galley) was closed for renovation or something. DAMN YOU BERLIN!

Thister said...

LOL! Nancy, you are too funny! :D

Thanks again, times a million really, for all the fun times and for helping me out! I had a blast, but it was only because you were there to make me laugh and keep things going! Thanks for the memories! :D

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