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Jack's Mannequin :: The Messengers

(Copied from "The Messengers'", the official JM team, website)


(Which will hopefully be up and running around July 2nd).

Casper will be out on the tour managing the Jack’s Mannequin Tent and we’re bringing a piece of California on the tour to each city!

  • You can stop by and have your picture taken in the custom beach scene photo booth and see it online!
  • Sign up to buy special edition Jack’s Mannequin flip flops (Andrew’s “Flip Flop Foundation”) where all proceeds support The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.
  • Listen to “Everything In Transit” in its entirety before it hits stores! That’s right, it’s an all day listening party and you’re invited!!
  • Buy JM merch and pre-order exclusive album fan packs.
  • Address a "Venice" postcard to your friend, drop it off in our Jack’s Mannequin mailbox, and we’ll mail it for free!
  • BONUS: Say hi to Casper and get a free sticker!!

See you out on the road!!

For those of you who aren't part of "The Messengers," Casper is one of the site administrators and a totally rock'n dude! If you are at the Warped Tour this year, please check out the booth to Support Andrew McMahon and say hi to Casper.

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Earlier this evening, the sky turned gray instantly and rained sheets like I'd never seen before. Needless to say, it was accompanied by thunder and ligthening that rattled the house and scared the shit out of the dogs. Both Brandi and Lewis were visably scared as they started to follow us around the house. Usually Brandi sits in her kennel and sleeps through the storms, but the thunder was booming so loud that it seriously shook the house. Stiil, Brandi was calm throughout most of it. She's usually calmer than Lewis and usually doesn't bark too much when the thunder booms. Lewis, however, was totally freaked out by the storm. So freaked that he followed my Mom outside as she ran to roll up her car windows that she had left down. However, instead of jumping into the car or back into the house to make things easier, the dog ran his little ass out in the rain and acted a damn fool! Not only was he barking his ass off, but he was getting soaked! This, just three days after he got a bath!

After I ran outside and carried him in, we sat down and continued eating dinner as the thunder boomed every now and then. Lewis had ceased barking as he tentativly watched the from below the table for any scraps we should drop him. He didn't get any though.

Delicious Cookie!

At least, not until we started munching on the cookies my sister and I had made for the family.
He's Spotted The Cookies!

Once Lewis realized we were eating cookies, and, partially due in part to my Mom's teasing him, he jumped up by the table and tried to grab the plate!
He's Certainly Tempted!

Maybe If I Stand Here And Stare...

In fact, his eyes remained fixated on the plate long after we moved it. He, however, did not move from his vantage point with a direct shot of the cookies.
God! They Look SOOO Good!

Apparently, he thought he was going to get one. I know I wasn't planning on giving him anything, especially after he ran out of the house and acted like a damn fool!

Lewis, however, thought otherwise. He started barking for a cookie, moving between my Mom's chair and mine, pleading for one of us to give him a cookie.
I'll Be Good! I Promise!

My Mom eventually obliged him because he instantly quit barking when she picked up the cookie.
Ok! I'm Being Good!

After that, he was quiet and calm. It's amazing what a cookie will do.
That Was Good! Can I Have More?

I'm chillin'

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Researching, Outlining, and 'The Opening Paragraph'And so it continues! I've researched my topics to the point that I think I have enough information to begin writing. I have four speeches, but only two of them are outlined right now. I would have all of them outlined by now but because I changed two of the topics recently, they haven't been fully researched or outlined yet. Not that the research for these speeches ever ends, but it's nice to have a very solid foundation to build upon before altering items later. Needless to say, the real writing process has begun. Though, there is still much to do.

Must keep a truckin' with the speeches! I have tournaments to dominate at and awards to win!

Yeah, nerdcore, I know. :P

UPDATE: Yeah. Whew! Working off of the three main points now. This is starting to get crazy :P


Fuu, Jin, Mugen :: Samurai ChamplooAfter watching four more episodes (I just finished episode 10), I am glad to report that Samurai Champloo does pick up momentum. The development of each character begins to build, adding a level of depth to each character. While there have only been hints and snips of each characters past, there is a sense of better things to come for each character. Fuu's development, in particular, has been the most interesting at this point.
(Spoilers blocked out in white for certain reader's interests. I wouldn't want to ruin the show for you, after all. If, however, you are interested in finding out more about each character as developed through the episodes, highlight below for in-depth character development up to episode 10.)

Mugen has developed a pattern of having problems with women who drug him. During the 10th episode, he meets a murderer who used to practice under the monk who's dojo/temple they are staying at. During their first encounter, Mugen is nearly killed, but the town people show up and scare the murderer away. Fearing that he is weak, Mugen trains for the battle with the murderer over the next couple of days (when the moon is full).

Jin, as it was revealed in the 8th or 9th episode, appears to have killed his master. The reason for this action, however, is not yet known. He also appears to have a distinct distrust of monks. Moreover, it is important to note that glasses are "rare" objects in the society at this time. When Jin is forced to pawn them for money, the shopkeeper notes that they are worth more than his swords. Interesting.

Fuu has no family. Her Dad died "ages ago" and her Mom died a year ago. Apparently Fuu and her mother ended on bad terms as she noted that she wished she could say things to her, but that she couldn't now because "it was gone in the winds breeze." Fuu's sword also has a small skull-marble trinket on a string that once belonged to the Samurai with the scent of sunflowers. She is told by the man from Holland to go to Nagasaki to find the secret behind it. In a flashback to the past during the 8th episode, Fuu kneels over what appears to be the samurai with the scent of sunflowers or her mother(?) and pulls the cloth off his/her face but wakes up before anything is revealed. Fuu has not had to fight anyone, though she carries a small sword.

Again, the motion in this anime is amazing. In every episode the action and motion are integral to the anime. Both action and motion truly move the anime forward and keep you attached to the screen. I especially enjoy watching Mugen "break dance" during his attacks. Also, the record skipping between scenes makes the anime interesting as it adds a beat to the anime. This is definitely the anime to check out, it's great!

BTW, in case you are curious, Champloo means "mix" or "assortment" in Okinawan. So, something like Soba Champloo means mix of noodles just as Samuari Champloo means mix of Samurai (though, obviously, not a food!). It's not a Japanese word, though. It's acutally Okinawan. Now, I know you're probably thinking, but Okinawa is part of Japan, and indeed, you would be correct. However, the Okinawan's and even the people in Hokkaido are distintly different from the mainland Japanese. You should check the history of Japan out.

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Is time changing? Physics crazed Peter Lynds thinks so. That is to say, he's challenging the previously set notions on time. Disagreeing with "set laws" by Newton and Einstein, Lynds believes "reality is merely sequences of events that happen relative to one another; time is an illusion. There's no chronon, no direction for time's arrow to fly, no "imaginary time" flowing 90 degrees off the axis of normal time (Wired 13.06)."

To think of it in an easier light, picture a hummingbird's sense of time with focus on the rate at which its wings flap in comparison to our sense of time when we walk around and see said hummingbird. Is that hummingbird's sense of time the same as ours or different? (FBOW via Comics.com) Are they in a different dimension then us?


Tom Cruise is a douche bag.


Jin, Fuu, Mugen :: Samurai Champloo I've been watching the ripped copies of Samurai Champloo that I purchased a week ago and I have to say that I'm impressed with the anime so far. The animation style isn't stunning and the story thus far (I'm only on episode six) isn't amazing either; the action and the motion, however, are astounding. The battle/fighting scenes, in particular, showcase the action and motion in their best form and are the most enjoyable part of the anime.

Unfortunately, because the DVDs are ripped, the dialogue is entirely in Japanese with English subtitles. And while I understand Japanese, I am unable to comprehend all of it in each episode because it either goes too fast or consists of words and grammar structures that I do not know or understand very well. Moreover, the subtitles weren't translated over very well on these DVDs, so it's kind of hard to understand what's going on in dialogue. I get the story, though, it's just a little hard every now and then.

Samurai Champloo is about three "misfits" of Japanese society (in an unspecified time during the past) and how their paths come together in search of the samurai that smells of sunflowers. Mugen is a skilled warrior with a bad attitude. He has wicked style in his technique, but he is also inconsiderate and a bit ruthless in his actions. Jin is a very astute warrior skilled in the "traditional" samurai style and appears to take on a "good light" through out the episodes except when it comes to confrontations with Mugen. Fuu is a young and carefree woman who is, in a nutshell, the moving action behind the trio. She is the one who, after saving Mugen and Jin, asks them to help her find the "sunflower samurai" and somehow manages to keep them together (even though Mugen and Jin split on her in the third episode). She also has a flying squirrel named Momo (Peach, in Japanese) that sometimes appears out of the blue to help her out.

Thus far, each episode is a different story on their journey. With hints at each characters past and random snippets of the future. The mixing style of the anime, that is, how it jumps around from scene to scene, is cool. It'll go from one character to another and so forth with the sounds from a mixing table.

All in all, I like it right now. I am expecting it to pick up some momentum soon, though.

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Sometimes all you need is a call.
Thanks for all your help, Bree! Hope you get well soon ;)


Today the real research begins. The real process of work behind the motor that will move my world (or, at least, a big part of it) next year starts, not from my topics, but from the articles that back them. So far, I have a good amount of information and sources to back my topics, but I need more. I want more.

It is this drive that moves me forward right now. Insanely so, this work means more to me than anything else right now.

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The template has been changed to reflect the results of the vote. Thanks for the six people who voted and read this blog. Haha!

In case you don't know, the lyrics for the masthead come from "Kill The Messenger" by Jack's Mannequin. The image is a stock image open to free use, and as such, has no royalties or copyrights on it. The image was also changed from it's original look, as seen below (clickable), to the masthead above with the help of Jasc/Corel Paint Shop Pro 9.

The original
Image cropped and resized for obvious purposes

Hope you enjoy!

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Want some krunk candy? Recently anti-drug advocates have become angered over the presence of "pot-flavored candy" that is appearing in convenience stores across the country. The candy is legal to sell because it contains hemp oil which allows for the "grassy taste [of marijuana] but not the high."

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After doing some in-depth research, I've managed to dig up a few scholarship possibilities to help me pay for things this year and the year after. I never realized that there were so many out there until now. I guess I kind of figured that by my Junior year I'd probably have no scholarships unless the college was giving me some, but that's not the case. And, thankfully, my college has been cool about the scholarships they have given to me. It's made college affordable and manageable without having to take out any loans. Hopefully, with a little luck and some hardcore research and stellar writing on my part, I might be able to continue college this way.

It won't be easy though. A couple of the scholarships I'm applying for are worth amazing amounts, but the competition is going to be hard as hell. No doubt, I'll have to read and research like never before if I even want to make sure I make it into final consideration. Two of them are quite stringent too!

Aside from the scholarship game, I've been starting up on my speeches. I've been reluctant to do anything with them since our coach hasn't really sent out his hellacious mass e-mails like he usually does. I'm assuming he's busy or he'll be sending the e-mail around the beginning of July. Waiting to hear the game plan isn't that fun though, especially when I'm not sure what exactly we're doing this year in terms of debate. I'm afraid things are going to change drastically this year, but this is only an assumption based on the previous year.

Other than scholarshipping and speech research, I haven't been up to too much. I'm assuming that since I didn't get a callback from the employment agency that I'm not getting hired there. It's not a big deal, though. After hearing the whole job description and after the interview was over, I began to think that working there wouldn't really be that fun. Not that work is fun, but it should be somewhat enjoyable. This job wouldn't have been, though. I would've been doing inventory and stocking for 8 hours or more depending on the day. The money would've been nice though, but the job itself wouldn't have been that great.

This probably will work out for the better though, I think. Now that I know I don't have a job, all I have to do is devote my time to working on the scholarship and speeches. There isn't much else in terms of "work" that means more to me than these to things right now anyway.

As an added note, the masthead voting has been extended for two more days to allow other people to vote. The voting will conclude on Thursday.

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I've decided that, although I love this masthead, it is time to change the masthead to a new one in celebration of all things Jack's Mannequin (JM). If you don't like that, tough crap.

I am, however, being cool and letting the viewers of this blog "vote" for the next masthead out of the two below. Both have a different images, a different feel, and different lyrics from two different JM songs.

Click to enlarge the images (you'll have to push the back button to get back here):

This one would require more of a color change on the blog. I'd have to change the cool grassy greens to silver blues. I'd also have to do a minor adjustment on where the "thister" title/link is located.

This one wouldn't really require color change, though it looks interesting with black bars. I think I'd keep my cool grassy greens though. There also might be a minor adjustment on where the "thister" title/link is located, but it's less likely.

I like both of them a lot. Either way, though, the other will become a masthead later. It might not be right after this one is selected, but it will become a masthead eventually.

So leave a comment as to which one you prefer (over the next two days), and in the end I'll tally it up and we'll have a new masthead.


Yesterday we found out that our dog has a tumor in her stomach that could kill her eventually. The new hasn't been taken too lightly, but we've been considering our options give our short amount of time left to decide. We can either put her to sleep or put her under surgery to try and remove it, but the surgery is risky because she has a heart murmur and could bleed to death.

I'm not sure what to think right now, but she seems to be ok. She's eating and drinking like normal, and she doesn't appear to be in pain. Hopefully we'll all come to a consensus soon.

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Check this comic out! It's hilarious!

Thanks for the link, Veneliza :D

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The other night on Nightline the central focus of the show was about child and slave labor across the world. With clips from Stolen Childhoods by Len Morris and Robin Romano, a documentary on child labor, it was an illuminating look at how we, as Americans, are the global power with vast consumerism issues that have yet to be resolved.

Take a look, you might be amazed.

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I've been e-mailing my college's housing department and recently found out that they "didn't receive my application" even though I know I submitted it back in April. Apparently there online application is NOT the best way to get to them. Fucking liars!

So I asked the person in charge of housing, since she never really responded to me earlier, if it was even worth trying to submit an application again since I was so far down the list. To which she replied, "You'd be 10th on the list if you submitted it right now." And further noted that "there are always a few apartments that open up in the summer." A few, huh. Thanks.

Thanks for getting back to me sooner and for notifying me that you received my application. Oh, wait, you didn't. Fuck housing, seriously.


Standing at the top of the stairs were the babysitter and Leta, a protruding structure in place of where Leta’s butt used to be. She had pooped a fossilized torpedo and it was so big and hard that the elastic in her shorts was in danger of popping.

Chen Hsien, an employee of Fenghua Ningbo Plastic Works Ltd., a plastics factory that manufactures lightweight household items for Western markets, expressed his disbelief Monday over the "sheer amount of shit Americans will buy."

"...Soon, every hazardous possibility will be known to man."
"And listed," Kress added.

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After obtaining a new debit card I was finally able to upgrade my flickr account to a pro account. Now all my travel photos are organized by location and numerous other photos have been filed into different sets. Schweet! ;)


My brother and I got in an arugment today about housing for next year. It wasn't a big deal, but I'm starting to think that I might just be living in the dorms next year.


I went to my interview today and I'm relieved to report that my interviewer was not my previous supervisor, but one of her co-workers. Not that it is much better this way, especially since she has worked with my previous supervisor for many years, but it's better than what it could've been.

The interview was fairly short, running only ten minutes long, but I think it went well. If I don't get the job, though, it's because I was honest and told her that I could only work until early-mid August. I guess I'll just have to wait and see the outcome.

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The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche

My Coffee And Dessert!

The Line At The Parliament Building (Reichstag)

More Memorial

Inside Looking Out

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Checkpoint Charlie Sign: Leaving

Fullview of The Rotes Rathaus

Senior Shot, Take Three!

Berliner Dom, Front.

First Stop: Brandenburg Gate

Here are the photos from Berlin, finally! Again, these are in reverse chronological order. The last photo is the one at the top of this post and the first photo is the one at the bottom of this post. Stories are also posted for the photos on flickr. Check them out!

If you want to read more about our trip in Berlin, check out Nancy's post on her blog about Berlin.

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I got a callback late Friday afternoon from one of the places I applied to and they told me to come for an interview on Monday. This, of course, doesn't mean I will get the job (especially if I'm being interviewed by a certain previous employer), but it's a step in the right direction. So, yeah, maybe things will pick up.

One could only hope.

By the way, thanks to everyone for cheering me up through the comments and e-mails. I really appreciate it. I'm coasting along fairly well now. ;)


I can't wait for "Everything in Transit," the album by Jack's Mannequin due out in stores in August. I've been listening to the leaked songs that are out on the net, and I'm impressed with the live quality so much so that I think the Album might be put to shame by the mp3 and wav files of the live shows. The album might prove me wrong later, but that'll come in time. All I can say for the album right now is: "It's gonna fucking rock!"

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Perhaps I'm being pre-judgmental, but I'm starting to dislike this summer. In addition to not having a job, I don't really have anyone to hang out with and I'm not in touch with my friends from college as much as I would like to be.

I'm sure this is just a phase that will pass, I just wish it would hasten its pace so I could quit feeling so down.

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I woke up extra early today to apply for more jobs today, but to my knowledge I still haven't gotten a call back. It's not too surprising to me, though, especially since I'm starting to realize that all the places that I have applied to probably don't want someone for just a few months. It's kind of funny that I didn't realize this sooner, but it makes sense. My last three summers I've had a job, and I got each of them quickly and easily. There are many differences between then and now though. For starters, the job I had three summers ago, although crappy, was with Burger King and they assumed that I'd probably be working with them well into the school year. The summer after that I got a job making web pages with my friend Veneliza because of our webmaster skills. Although the pay sucked, the job itself was hella' fun and I think Veneliza and I enjoyed our extra free time looking at webcomics when we finished our work with ease. As for last summer, my job working for Oklahoma University was pure luck and networking at play. If it wasn't for Alex Garcia, who works with my mom, I wouldn't have found out that his wife, Chris, needed someone during summer enrollment to be a part-time secretary/registrar.

This summer is different though. Networking and luck are not bringing any jobs to me at the moment. It did at first, but the pay (only $5.14/hr) for what I would've had to deal with was certainly not worth my time. Yet, now, I'm starting to think that maybe I should've just taken it and dealt with the shit that it would've flung at me. Maybe then things would be different, but there really is no way to know.

Regardless, I've applied to so many places that I figured would be in need of people that I'm surprised nothing has come back my way, even if only for two months. And now it's got me thinking that I might not have a job this summer, that I might not make any money. I could, of course, sell my body out by the autobahn, but somehow I just don't think that it would be the best option. Besides, I'd be intruding on the whores already staked territory, and I really don't want to get into fights with them. (They might fling g-strings infested with crabs and dripping with chlamydia juice at my eyes, and that would not be fun. AT. ALL!) Yeah, that's definitely not an option.

I suppose I should continue doing research and working on my speeches for debate along with my staples of housework until I get a callback. I just wish things had worked out differently this summer. The way things had been planned completely changed and everything is starting to feel amiss now. And, yeah, I'm sure things will get better as they usually do in this cyclical effect of my life, but being on the downside waiting for the wave to pick back up has been an echo to the way things have been this year.


Now doesn't that look just a little fucked up?!

Found this while surfing around for Star Wars stuff on the Internet. It's supposedly for a coloring book, but I don't know if I'd want any kids of mine (even though I don't have any) coloring this one in.

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This Wednesday my doctors officially diagnosed me with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia, otherwise known as (ALL). I know this news will be met with both shock and concern and want you all to be aware that this disease, though difficult, is highly treatable and completely cured in most cases. I feel extremely strong in spirit and I am ready to meet this head on and beat it. I am a natural born fighter with an immense amount of love and positive energy inside me. I am not only confident but I am certain I will come out of this a stronger human being with a greater understanding of life and my place in the world.

If you are interested, there is also an address for where to send gifts to at the bottom of the post on the JM blog entry.

The air is running out...

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As far as the bracelets go, that is an idea that everyone at maverick is working on. I know that everyone wants them so were working on it. I have been in close contact with Andrew and he is feeling much better so lets make everyone aware of this type of cancer. I know that we are working hard to get an official band /bracelet designed for andrew. So if you think of any cool slogans that you think should be on them....post them here or email them to me. We have some really good ideas so far and are going to be having a meeting on monday about them
yall rock

One of the most interesting ideas to put on the bracelets thus far has been to put "11:11 A.M." for because at 11:11 you supposedly make a wish and A.M. would stand for Andrew McMahon.

2 comments Saturday, June 04, 2005


Posted by: on Jun 03, 2005 05:06pm EDT

Los Angeles, CA (June 3, 2005) - Andrew McMahon, lead singer of Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin, has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia. He is being treated in Los Angeles and his doctors expect a full recovery. Tour dates for both Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate are postponed until further notice. Per Andrew's request, Jack's Mannequin's debut album, Everything in Transit, will be released on Maverick Records in August as planned.

Currently there has been a lot of talk as to doing something to help Andrew or show support for him. One of the "hottest" ideas out there right now seems to be to purchase 'LiveSTRONG'-like bracelets in a different color. Also, here.

UPDATE (1:45 p.m.): I have news direct from Casper, Jack's Mannequin's PR Representative:
there are alot of ideas on the table here at maverick. We are working on alot of things to help raise awareness. As soon as we can give more details we will. But just to let everyone know were working on tons of ideas.

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I love the bumper sticker that says, "The Religious Right is neither."

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Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday CARYN!
Happy Birthday TO YOU!

You're TWENTY now! How does it feel?! Now you are technically no longer a teen, even though you act like you're about fifteen. Hahahah! :D You know I mean this all in good humor!

I miss you more than anyone else in this world and what I wouldn't give to be with you on your birthday! (Plus I could give you some extra birthday gifts.) ;)

And yes, you're gift will be there before APRIL of next year. Hahah! I've just been gathering some things for you from Germany.

I MISS YOU!! Sorry I didn't get to call, I WILL call tomorrow. The parentals were on the phone with my brother for a while and then my Dad thought it would be a good idea to talk to his good friend Gary for about an hour.

Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday CARYN!
Happy Birthday TO YOU!

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End Of The Day

Nancy Biertrinken!

Getting Artsy by the Museum

The Deutsches Museum

St. Lucas in Black and White

Hallway in an Art Museum in Munich

The Only

On The Corner of The

From Here To There

Nancy and The

Historical Gate


An Obelisk is JUST an Obelisk

Again, these photos are in reverse chronological order. If you click on the last one you can continue with the beginning of day two. If you click on the first one you will start from the end of day two. All photos have descriptions and stories on flickr, where they are linked from.

Berlin is coming up next! :) Also, sorry if this is loading intensive. I'll only do a few next time, I promise!