Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Earlier this evening, the sky turned gray instantly and rained sheets like I'd never seen before. Needless to say, it was accompanied by thunder and ligthening that rattled the house and scared the shit out of the dogs. Both Brandi and Lewis were visably scared as they started to follow us around the house. Usually Brandi sits in her kennel and sleeps through the storms, but the thunder was booming so loud that it seriously shook the house. Stiil, Brandi was calm throughout most of it. She's usually calmer than Lewis and usually doesn't bark too much when the thunder booms. Lewis, however, was totally freaked out by the storm. So freaked that he followed my Mom outside as she ran to roll up her car windows that she had left down. However, instead of jumping into the car or back into the house to make things easier, the dog ran his little ass out in the rain and acted a damn fool! Not only was he barking his ass off, but he was getting soaked! This, just three days after he got a bath!

After I ran outside and carried him in, we sat down and continued eating dinner as the thunder boomed every now and then. Lewis had ceased barking as he tentativly watched the from below the table for any scraps we should drop him. He didn't get any though.

Delicious Cookie!

At least, not until we started munching on the cookies my sister and I had made for the family.
He's Spotted The Cookies!

Once Lewis realized we were eating cookies, and, partially due in part to my Mom's teasing him, he jumped up by the table and tried to grab the plate!
He's Certainly Tempted!

Maybe If I Stand Here And Stare...

In fact, his eyes remained fixated on the plate long after we moved it. He, however, did not move from his vantage point with a direct shot of the cookies.
God! They Look SOOO Good!

Apparently, he thought he was going to get one. I know I wasn't planning on giving him anything, especially after he ran out of the house and acted like a damn fool!

Lewis, however, thought otherwise. He started barking for a cookie, moving between my Mom's chair and mine, pleading for one of us to give him a cookie.
I'll Be Good! I Promise!

My Mom eventually obliged him because he instantly quit barking when she picked up the cookie.
Ok! I'm Being Good!

After that, he was quiet and calm. It's amazing what a cookie will do.
That Was Good! Can I Have More?

I'm chillin'


Zucchini said...

That second to last picture is just pwecious, because he looks retarded.

... no offense, I have plenty of pictures where my kitties look retarded and I always point it out to them.


And they show in their faces that they KNOW I'm talking shiat about them. =D

Thister said...

LOL! That's funny! I agree! HAHAH! :D Lewis is such a dork!

magnetic_poet said...

That is so CUTE! Animals make me laugh :-) My dog used to do something similar -- I'd set a dog treat on the edge of a table and she'd jump up and eat it. After awhile she started convicing herself that if she stared at the edge of the table long enough a treat would appear out of thin air! Haha!

Bree said...

LOL You and your dog...too bad you abuse him all the time (a la our web conversation!) :O LOL jk! He's cute.

Sophie's cuter. XD

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