Monday, June 27, 2005

Is time changing? Physics crazed Peter Lynds thinks so. That is to say, he's challenging the previously set notions on time. Disagreeing with "set laws" by Newton and Einstein, Lynds believes "reality is merely sequences of events that happen relative to one another; time is an illusion. There's no chronon, no direction for time's arrow to fly, no "imaginary time" flowing 90 degrees off the axis of normal time (Wired 13.06)."

To think of it in an easier light, picture a hummingbird's sense of time with focus on the rate at which its wings flap in comparison to our sense of time when we walk around and see said hummingbird. Is that hummingbird's sense of time the same as ours or different? (FBOW via Are they in a different dimension then us?


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