Saturday, June 11, 2005

I can't wait for "Everything in Transit," the album by Jack's Mannequin due out in stores in August. I've been listening to the leaked songs that are out on the net, and I'm impressed with the live quality so much so that I think the Album might be put to shame by the mp3 and wav files of the live shows. The album might prove me wrong later, but that'll come in time. All I can say for the album right now is: "It's gonna fucking rock!"


chace said...

Hey--- I have all of these studio versions on mp3-- Let me know if you need any...
JM- Holiday from Real
JM Into the Airwaves
JM- We were made for each Other
JM- The Mixed Tape
JM- Kill the messenger

I think I have one other one somewehre areound here...

Thister said...

Right on! I have all the studio versions. I also have a lot of the live versions. La La Lie is pretty funny. I really like "Rescued" right now.

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