Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Fuu, Jin, Mugen :: Samurai ChamplooAfter watching four more episodes (I just finished episode 10), I am glad to report that Samurai Champloo does pick up momentum. The development of each character begins to build, adding a level of depth to each character. While there have only been hints and snips of each characters past, there is a sense of better things to come for each character. Fuu's development, in particular, has been the most interesting at this point.
(Spoilers blocked out in white for certain reader's interests. I wouldn't want to ruin the show for you, after all. If, however, you are interested in finding out more about each character as developed through the episodes, highlight below for in-depth character development up to episode 10.)

Mugen has developed a pattern of having problems with women who drug him. During the 10th episode, he meets a murderer who used to practice under the monk who's dojo/temple they are staying at. During their first encounter, Mugen is nearly killed, but the town people show up and scare the murderer away. Fearing that he is weak, Mugen trains for the battle with the murderer over the next couple of days (when the moon is full).

Jin, as it was revealed in the 8th or 9th episode, appears to have killed his master. The reason for this action, however, is not yet known. He also appears to have a distinct distrust of monks. Moreover, it is important to note that glasses are "rare" objects in the society at this time. When Jin is forced to pawn them for money, the shopkeeper notes that they are worth more than his swords. Interesting.

Fuu has no family. Her Dad died "ages ago" and her Mom died a year ago. Apparently Fuu and her mother ended on bad terms as she noted that she wished she could say things to her, but that she couldn't now because "it was gone in the winds breeze." Fuu's sword also has a small skull-marble trinket on a string that once belonged to the Samurai with the scent of sunflowers. She is told by the man from Holland to go to Nagasaki to find the secret behind it. In a flashback to the past during the 8th episode, Fuu kneels over what appears to be the samurai with the scent of sunflowers or her mother(?) and pulls the cloth off his/her face but wakes up before anything is revealed. Fuu has not had to fight anyone, though she carries a small sword.

Again, the motion in this anime is amazing. In every episode the action and motion are integral to the anime. Both action and motion truly move the anime forward and keep you attached to the screen. I especially enjoy watching Mugen "break dance" during his attacks. Also, the record skipping between scenes makes the anime interesting as it adds a beat to the anime. This is definitely the anime to check out, it's great!

BTW, in case you are curious, Champloo means "mix" or "assortment" in Okinawan. So, something like Soba Champloo means mix of noodles just as Samuari Champloo means mix of Samurai (though, obviously, not a food!). It's not a Japanese word, though. It's acutally Okinawan. Now, I know you're probably thinking, but Okinawa is part of Japan, and indeed, you would be correct. However, the Okinawan's and even the people in Hokkaido are distintly different from the mainland Japanese. You should check the history of Japan out.


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