0 comments Thursday, April 29, 2004

I've updated my blog template with this beauty I created! Joy!

I think it's self explanitory. If you need to ask, you are dumb!

It's dark, it's emo, and it's simple. I like it a lot. I think, perhaps, it is my favorite of all the ones I've ever made.

BTW, the lyrics by the the emo sketch change everyday. Check 'em out!

Please enjoy and feel free to donate if you feel the volition to! (It's much appreciated!)

0 comments Monday, April 26, 2004

in the wind
the words
that you spoke to me
and I will hear them
no matter the distance

in the wind
of the times
we shared
and I will live them
even if only memories

in the wind
the tinge of emotion
I felt
and I will remember what it's like to feel
though the touch has faded

in the wind
the way
you left me
and I won't shed a tear
as the picture replays in my mind

in the wind
the day
I'll find you
and I'll know your abscence wasn't a loss
though I felt alone without you

in the wind
the warmth
that I long to feel
and I'll feel it
even if only for a second

in the wind
of the life
you shared
and I will relive it
for it is all I have of you

in the wind
the words
that you used to say to me
and I'll know you're still here
even though you're far away

To my Great Grandma and my Grandpa. I know you're here for me, helping me, even though you're far away.

0 comments Sunday, April 18, 2004

It's only been a year
but things have changed
My life, as yours, as others
is not so simple
so confined
It's rearranged

The cataclysmic movements
ever so subtle
have motioned in time
the distancing
and however strong
all of this will not last long

I knew, as you knew, and others too
that the path before
was nothing the same
and, if nothing, the past already taught us this game
to be here and there
is a separation we share

For not only is it time
the widens these gaps
but connections anew
change parts of me and you
to the point where we see each other no more
silently, cryptically, shutting the door

But worry not
about it's end
The times we shared will carry on
These times I will carry with me
Moving apart

For though we may stay in touch
do you ever wonder
if we will still care as much
do you ever wonder
what it's like to let go
knowing we'll eventually do so

0 comments Friday, April 16, 2004

I've been dreaming about you
looming in my head
littering my thoughts
with "what if's" and "maybe's"
telling me that I will not be
telling me that I will not see
what I plan for
what I hope for
what I will do

You replay every night
in a different format
but nonetheless the same
and yet, not a word is spoken
it's the sight
the feeling
the knowledge of events past
and I can't help but wonder:
Will it be the same?

You remind me that
sure, I can say these words
I can fool everyone into thinking so
but will they become actions?
Will they be true?
To say that consequence stood in place
is no longer acceptable
and it really never was
Proof has yet to be shown

Try as I might
I'll still dream about that feeling
that moment
and I'll carry it with me
as I carry my head high
I learned my lesson
I felt the burn
but I'm not giving up
I'm not holding back
I will return

0 comments Thursday, April 15, 2004

If I had words to say to you
and words enough to speak
I would have spoken them
I would have broken them
and given them
to you
to do with as you please
to play with as you would
only to toss aside
the depth
of what you do not know

But words I have not spoken
words that are not broken
not given
to you
remain with me
where I feel their depth
and understand their foundation
file their meaning
for more than what is stated
and more than you'll ever know

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The storm has passed
the rain has stopped,
but the possibility still lingers

Although the gray clouds have since drifted
they still form over the horizon in the distance
bellowing of tribulations to come

But for now
the ground is fertile,
supple in its gestation
It's ready to be molded
to be folded
to. . . produce

The seeds are ready to be sown
and though there are but few I can place
the more I will sow
Not in hopes that they will grow
but rather,
   like hope,
as chance that potentially gives way to something more
something enlightening
something profound
worthy of its harvest
even in the smallest

For although the clouds are distanced,
in time they will come to pass
Challenging in grandeur and scope
they will wage war on this land
this. . . potential
But whether the seeds scatter
to fields of unknown fate
or stay fastened feverishly in warring uncertainty
remains to be said
   and seen;

Whether reaped or raped
only time will tell
After the seeds are sown
and the clouds pass in turn,
After the rainfall
and the rattling wind
The dust will settle
and vision
but what stands, if any,
in place
has yet to be extolled

0 comments Saturday, April 10, 2004

I feel it everyday
the rhythmic beating
quietly seceding
drifting away

It's a blank spot
slowly seeping
clearly bleeding
feeling not

To fill
in disillusion
accepting fusion
cheapening thrill

and it's not so much a question
of consequence
or another
nor of missing
for answers are found
somewhere...in between

or, perhaps, in ending
as consoltation for efforts
nither worthwile
nor cavailer
simple rewards abound
somewhere...in the seams

but lack thereof
and lack alone
leaves it lingering
quitely haunting
slightly shifting around
somewhere...in places unseen

for it is in search of
and ever so close
until the realization
so blatant
speaks to shatter the illiusion
for this is... my role

and I see it on the faces of others
sullen, somber, forsaken sights
to wonder what they read of mine
for my heart is not on this sleeve
and these emotions are not so lucid
for this is... my control

yet, I feel it in my trembling heart
sharply stabbing in my chest
I feel it take hold
Softly shattering my hope
but it's ever so hollow
for this is... my whole

finding amiss
simple conclusion
vital seclusion
Separate from this

merely scarring
bitterly barring
It's hollowed

drfiting away
quietly seceding
the rhytmic beating
I'm reeling

0 comments Thursday, April 08, 2004

I look at you
I look at


looking back at me

those lifeless eyes

that shallow smile

and I have no words

the colors fade

but it's all the same

and the tear



means nothing
to me

to you

to all

we'll watch it fade

let the colors collide

let it crash
and die

for in the aftermath

as in the beginning

there is as there was


e  m  p  t  i  n  e  s  s

but we'll cast aside
you'll give to me
take it all away
only to find
it has

Meant to publish this one a while ago. Inspriation was lacking then, but it's done now.
I also have another good one in the works. It's "EMO" too, but not situational like this one