6 comments Wednesday, December 28, 2005

  • Good (Scöhn)

    • 4.0 for this semester! Hellz' FUCKING YEAH!!!
    • GERMAN BEER! (Need I say more?!)
    • Seeing the family!
    • Woo! Cookies! I could live on these for days. Sugar cookies r t3h goodness!
    • Again, watching Kill Bill always gets me in the Christmas Spirit!
    • While wrapping gifts "professionally" all I could think about was Wanda Sykes-Hall talking about Professional Titties at a strip club. (Them be professional titties, I'll pay to see those!)
    • Snow, and lots of it!
    • Getting Money, lots of good clothes, and DKNY Be Delicious cologne (which makes Bree and I "BFF!" as Sasha would say. Hahahah!)

  • Bad (Nicht Schön)

    • Being home with no Boca/Vegan foods or organic food stuffs = not so good.
    • Getting addicted to playing Mario Party 7 on the gamecube. Who knew?!
    • Snow, and lots of shoveling!
    • The crazy Germans driving crazily on the already crazy and defunct roads, especially when it's snowing.

*Nancy, I know you're laughing! ;)

7 comments Friday, December 16, 2005

Finals are finally over with for this semester, but, unlike some people I know COUGHBreeCOUGH, they are not over forever (and by forever, I mean the for the conclusion of my undergraduate career). I still have roughly a year to two and a half to go depending on what all I decide to do.

Needless to say, I'm glad I got through it all without a case of irritable bowl syndrome. Seriously though, finals went well and although this week was hella' busy between work, studying, and finals, it has been one of the best and most rewarding ones I've had this semester. Honestly, this semester has been one of the hardest semesters I've had to endure, but I think that's what makes it mean more to me. All the struggle, all those late nights freaking out reading and writing, has made it worth the while. Plus, having my good friends to help balance me out when I got in too deep helped me along this semester as well. And, perhaps, for the first time since college started, I've come to a realization of how much I've needed my friends and how much I'm going to miss some of them when they graduate (Yeah, I'm talking about you Bree!).

So, here's to another semester down and an unknown number (as of yet!) to go!

P.S. I'll get to comments and such later this week/weekend. I'm taking a well deserved break from everything. Yeah, that's right, I'm SLEEPING MY ASS OFF! >:D

4 comments Wednesday, December 07, 2005

First off, I have to note that I've thoroughly enjoyed the comments on the Geek In The Pink post. I, of course, find most amazing and good things about myself interesting. (Alas, the inner-narcissist emerges!) But seriously, it's been great to hear what everyone thinks on the subject. Please, feel free to contribute more comments on that subject as you see fit!

Secondly, as you can clearly see I've updated the template again. As it is winter, I figured blues would be used best here along with the masthead image. The lyrics are from "Forget December" by Something Corporate off the album "Songs For Silent Movies." I chose them, in part, because while I do enjoy December I often feel that it is one of the loneliest months in the year. For myself in particular, loneliness clearly emerges sometime after finals are over and somewhere between traversing across the Atlantic and arriving in a place where only the warmth of my family signals home. Indeed, not having such great and close friends nearby during the crisp and bitter nights of winter dulls my spirits as I have no one else to relate to on a similar level of thought, spontaneity, and amusement. Though I do, of course, love my family dearly, it's just not the same when friends aren't around. No doubt, Germany can be and is a blast to go to every year, I just wish I had more friends there to share my time with.
Also on this note, assuming I have to debunk this before Bree mentions something about it, I do not have a man-crush on Andrew McMahon. I simply enjoy his lyrical stylings and rockingly melodic piano-backed rhythms. (This is in regards to the fact that all of my mastheads since May of this year have had lyrics from Andrew McMahon. He is part of both Something Corporate [SoCo] and Jack's Mannequin. SoCo RULES, bitches!) You'll be happy to know that the next masthead will be from a different band NOT related to Andrew McMahon...those of you that actually care to follow the origins of my masthead lyrics. Jeesh!

Finally, I'm preparing for finals which means I need to continue cracking down on the studying before kicking back. Though, I could sure use a beer or two to get through some of my readings, I have restricted myself from doing such until Thursday night of next week. At which time I'm down for just about anything. With a little luck, that will mean MASSIVE amounts of partying before my departure. So, if you don't hear from me between now and then (next week) know that I haven't died, at least from what you know. Though, it is entirely possible that between both the insane consumption of caffeine and sleep deprivation that I may not be "alive" in the proper sense.

11 comments Monday, December 05, 2005

t3h g33k!I've got this theory that geeks don't get dates; unless, of course, they create a total babe like Anthony Michael Hall did in Weird Science or, perhaps, find a blow up doll. Either way, those options are unrealistic for me. (Chace, damnit, I don't want to hear about how a blow up doll IS an option for me. And yes, I already know that there is ALWAYS porn. Or as you call it, pron, that totally rock'n band!)

Honestly, though, geeks and dating just don't mix. Kind of like beer before liquor. Only not as volatile. Granted, this is stereotypical of me to assume such. Geeks can and do date. ALL. THE. TIME. With other geeks and nerds. (What, you know it's true! I mean, really, how many nerds are with t3h sexy chix0rz?!) (Veneliza is an exception to this rule; but, V, you have to admit that you do have t3h g33k g3n3! And your g33k1n355 combined with Jeff's forms a strong g33k bond that r potentially t3h uber-strong.)

So, maybe it's just me? Maybe I don't mix with the dating scene? I'm not sure. I was talking with a good friend of mine the other night, and she told me that I do "have it all": (as listed by her) good looks, great eyes, smarts, and a good personality. The only thing I'm lacking? "Confidence." Confidence? Confidence, I'm confident in that cuz' maybe I'm shy that way? Perhaps that's it though? I mean, maybe I don't have the balls I think I do? Yeah, that's probably it, I thought to myself, I'm all talk and no cock...and balls. Seriously, though, I think my friend may have had a point. I think I need to just grip it and say, "What's up? Do you want to hang out sometime." Or "I have mad money and I'll get you some grub if you give me some luv." Don't like that line? Damn, I was working on that one all night. Like that Keira Knightly line: Keira, I'd do her "Knightly."

Needless to say, I plan on being more assertive about dating (though, maybe not exactly as I said it above). Now, all I need to do is hone my geek technique and not be afraid to speak to a rock'n lady when I meet her.

Image from Muzzy.net, created by Matt Nikki.


I can't focus. My mind has almost officially checked out for this semester, and at a potentially dangerous time. My mind keeps telling me: "Shhiiiit, bitch!! Forget reading, studying, writing! Screw them, screw them all! It's break time! BREAK. TIME!" I can't get these notions out of my head. I sat down to read more of Noli Me Tangere last night and earlier tonight and I can't get through it. It's not so much that it is slightly difficult, but more so that my mind is elsewhere. If this keeps up, I think I might need to hit up an ADHD kid or "drug vendor" who can score me some retalin.