Wednesday, December 28, 2005

  • Good (Scöhn)

    • 4.0 for this semester! Hellz' FUCKING YEAH!!!
    • GERMAN BEER! (Need I say more?!)
    • Seeing the family!
    • Woo! Cookies! I could live on these for days. Sugar cookies r t3h goodness!
    • Again, watching Kill Bill always gets me in the Christmas Spirit!
    • While wrapping gifts "professionally" all I could think about was Wanda Sykes-Hall talking about Professional Titties at a strip club. (Them be professional titties, I'll pay to see those!)
    • Snow, and lots of it!
    • Getting Money, lots of good clothes, and DKNY Be Delicious cologne (which makes Bree and I "BFF!" as Sasha would say. Hahahah!)

  • Bad (Nicht Schön)

    • Being home with no Boca/Vegan foods or organic food stuffs = not so good.
    • Getting addicted to playing Mario Party 7 on the gamecube. Who knew?!
    • Snow, and lots of shoveling!
    • The crazy Germans driving crazily on the already crazy and defunct roads, especially when it's snowing.

*Nancy, I know you're laughing! ;)


Bree said...

Speaking of BFF, I got "SoBe we're totally B.F.F." on the inside of my SoBe Nirvana cap today. XD

Zucchini said...

Great job on the 4.0!

Thister said...

Hahah! See. Sasha just knew it, the SoBe cap confirmed it.

Thanks! It was t3h kewlness to finally get a 4.0 after having to deal with shitty professors during previous semesters. :) How'd you do? How's break? We must chat!

bardot said...

congrats on the 4.0!!! smart boys are RAD!

Thister said...

Thanks bardot!! I also wanted to thank you for getting me hooked on That's such a rock'n site!

magnetic_poet said...

Hey Wayne! I didn't even read this post until today. I LOVE IT! I was reminiscing about the schoen/nicht schoen experiences in Berlin the other day. Ahhhh, memories :-p

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