Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's started off with a bang, literally, this year. Of course, when in Germany it always starts of with a bang and, perhaps, running away from crazy fireworks flying full speed at your head (damn those whistle-runner fireworks!). At midnight this year we welcomed the new year with fireworks under a hazy and soon-to-be smoke filled sky as the rest of the neighborhood joined in. The whole night was hella fun with some rounds of agave tequila a few games of Guesstures and Cranium Turbo (which I still say the game cheated because it gave my team the red "factoid" questions almost every single frickin' time!). Which, as I recall, was the starting point to one of my new nicknames that I'm publishing to you all now so you can most assuredly torment me with it later. That and it's kind of funny anyway!

During our game of Cranium Turbo, I was being a big stickler about following the rules because I know how my mom and her good friend, Barb, like to cheat. Even so, though, I figured that my team would still win because half of my mom's team had tossed back a few too many beers. Boy was I ever wrong! After losing to my mother and her team of women (the drinking Amazonians, really), my mom was all up in my face about the big win. She started wailing and cajoling like a owl on crack. In truth she was happy to win because I almost always beat her at every game we play and it pisses her off when I beat her. Talk about competitive nature. In losing, my mom went on in detail to her friends about how I always win and how I'm such a perfectionist and stickler for the rules of the game and how I can't stand to lose, et cetera. Which led to the following dialogue:

My sister: "Wayne is just like Monica. Jeez!"
Mom: "Yeah he is. He's like the male version of Monica, if that's even possible."
Me: "What?! Are you kidding me?"
Mom: "Well, it's kind of true. I mean, you are a bit of a neat freak and you're crazy about things being a certain way"
Me: "Maybe I have OCPD? Did you ever think about that?"
Mom: "Hmm. No because you're already mental. Seriously, though, you're like a male Monica. What's a name for that?"
Barb: "Monica? Hmm."
Me: "Oh jeez! Just what I need from the woman (Barb) who couldn't read any of the cards during the game because the letters were 'too fuzzy'!"
Barb: "You shut your mouth, MAN-ica!"
(Everyone laughs)
Mom: (laughing) "Yeah! Manica! That's hilarious!"
Me: "Great! Real original too. I just love it."

Needless to say I've been called Manica ever since and I'm sure I won't be able to get them to stop until well after I leave. Or maybe not ever. Thanks a lot Barb!

Happy New Year Everyone!


Bree said...

Even though you told me this story this morning when you called, I keep reading "Manica" as "maniac" (lysdexic much? lol) and then I start thinking about Flashdance when they have the "She's a maniac, MAAAAAANIAC on the floor...and she's dancing like she's never danced before" and then I think of you in a leotard and then I feel ill. Then again, I've felt ill since you told me the upper decker information, so there you go. XD

Zucchini said...

I keep reading it as "mah-ni-ca" instead of "man-i-ca." XD!

bardot said...

"manica"????!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

that's great!

i know some people who are hardcore into following the game rules as well, so you're not alone.

Thister said...

Hahah! Maniac on the dance floor. Sounds like something you would think of, actually. And, uh, the "upper decker" information was strictly confidential, so keep it on the down-low. Hahaha!

Either way it's still crazy. Manica XD

It is kind of funny, I have to admit that. Heh! It's good to know I'm not the only one. After all, the rules are there just to make the game more fun. Right?

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