Thursday, January 19, 2006

I've found a new heaven on earth. A heaven that exists in downtown Portland amidst a metropolitan backdrop surround by busy streets and hordes of people.

Powell's Books.

Perhaps you've heard of it. Perhaps not. It is, after all, one of many bookstores in Oregon. Yet, it is the only bookstore I know of that has such a vast collection of new and used books that it is, in essence, a city of books. Instead of aisles of books organized on shelves that you traditionally find at the corporate bookstores, Powell's is organized by rooms that contain books by topic and interest. Both new and used books stand together so you can compare them and decide which is better suited for your interest. Additionally, Powell's has some other key features that make it a real gem of downtown Portland. For one, it has a rare book room full of authentic books that are either signed, first editions, or simply rarities as they are. What makes them more amazing besides their amazing collection and the ability compare books by usage and price is their staff. I had ordered a book from them for one of my classes that was suddenly backordered. Instead of telling me that the book would be in late and to wait or that I couldn't cancel, the service representative informed me what had gone wrong with the order and allowed me to cancel it. She even gave me a recommendation as to where to find the book since they didn't have it.

That, my friends, is service at its finest. Service that you will have a hard time finding at other places online or even in person.

Thank you, Powell's! You're the rock'n rad bookstore I adore!


bardot said...

i love powell's!

did you check out their other stores?

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