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Toffee-nut latte with extra cream, decaffeinated.

Being the caffeine freak I usually am, it was somewhat shocking to have actually uttered "decaf" during our weekly coffee chats. Things have changed though. The start of a new year and the obvious directions each one of us has taken is clearly reflected in our weekly meetings both in the late evening hour we chose to have it and with the absence of Heather.

With coffee cup in hand, we sat across from each other at a small table in the corner of the coffeehouse. Usually we'd all be joking about something at this time, but it wasn't like that. It was calm, pensive. Unusual. Instead, we started with talking about being back, the beginning of another year, and the events that happened this summer. Stephanie then went on to talk about her current job as an RA in the dorms on campus. While she conveyed her natural positive attitude about her work, it was clear to see that she was worn by the first week of having to put up with what all it entailed. Perhaps, as she noted, being an RA was a bit more than she planned for. From cleaning and furnish the new apartments to helping the newbies move in to having to deal with the disruptive freshmen that don't know campus life, Stephanie surmised that it was going to be an interesting year. I couldn't agree more.

Being back at college, as I noted, in general, was more than I imagined. Perhaps because I imagined things being different when I got back. Things being more structured to my wants. I wanted not to have to see certain people again, to be able to move on from last year. However, as I've learned, one should not expect things to be so perfect, so tailored. Not that expectations should be low, but rather, one should not expect their expectations to be fulfilled so easily. As I realized in Anthropology class on Tuesday night: "Life, along with education, is about adjustment."

Apparently I'm still learning. Adjusting to the apartment has been interesting, as I told Stephanie. It's obviously not like the dorms last year. There is more sharing, more cleaning, more of everything to do...and sometimes, some people don't do much of it.

But that's part of adjustment, I guess. I'm trying to deal with. In the same regard, Stephanie is trying to adjust to the other aspects of being an RA. She detailed the difficulty in trying to maintain a level of authority while still trying to be the residents friend and person of trust. So far it hasn't been difficult, but she has her worries about some of the people on the floor. Not to mention the incredible balance of maintaining her course schedule and her RA schedule. I don't think I could do it, and that alone is probably why I will never do it. That's too much adjustment for me. Some, however, like Stephanie are more suited for the task. While she may be having some bitter tumultous times right now, I'm sure she'll be fine once the first two weeks are down and done with.

I'm not sure about Stephanie, but between sipping my latte, relaxing, and escaping I realized that in adjusting and readjusting we find a new tailored image on what we want and what we've seen. That image, for me, isn't very clear yet; but, at least, for those few relaxing moments it didn't matter.

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Before I post about readjusting to college, I'd just like to note that I've realized the reason I'm still hanging on here just today.

It feels really good to be back, even with the struggle, finally. :D

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Yo! I'm back on campus and in the new apartments, but due to numerous issues on campus the internet and telephone lines are down until next week.

You'll know when the internet is back up on my campus when I post a full entry sometime next week. Lots of fun stories, indeed. XD

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Yesterday I was notified that I recevied an extra $500 (grant) for this semester from the late LTC Walter G. and Martha I. Shaffer in conjunction with my loan.

It certainly makes fall semester a bit easier on my wallet right now. Thanks again MOAA, I really appreciate it.

3 more days for Ohio and 7 more for Idaho. I can't wait! :D

Oh, Kill Bill Volume 2 |24\/\/|<5!! Go buy it now! :D

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Surprisingly having slept past noon this whole weekend I managed to get a lot done. While I don't consider myself a procrastinator, I must admit that I did wait a long time to get the GBP page finished. As I mentioned before, a lot of the slow movement on the page was due to the numerous e-mail requests for what to put on the page, how it was going, and what everyone else wanted. Now, as some of you may recall, I don't like being told what to do over and over again, especially when it's my project and I know I'll get it done. Needless to say, I ignored most of their requests and did my own thing. I think it turned out well, don't you? That's only part of it too. The only problem I've had with it is the making of a form/.cgi for the Service Project Forms. Heh! I guess if that doesn't work I'll put it on a word document and that'll be that. Simplistic and minimalistic, just the way I like it.

In the realm of Debate, pending Lacey's editing, I think my POI is good to go finally. I spent about an hour moving things around and figuring out what sounded best in the (hopefully) best locations thanks to Lacey's suggestions (Thanks for everything! Seriously, THANK YOU!). Now I'm just trying to finish up my Inform so I can get it and the POI to Marty before I head out to Ohio. Obviously I don't plan on doing any debate stuff while I'm there except, maybe, read a book or magazine.

As for my last couple of days here...
I work on Tuesday and Wednesday as the final closing to my eventful time with OU. Again, I have to say that working with OU this summer has been the most fun, if not, best job I've had so far. Plus, I finally had a good boss who was very planned, generous, and funny. She even wrote me a great recommendation letter, which is more than I can say for the douchebag of a boss I had last summer (Sgt. Baber). I really got lucky this summer! :)
Wednesday afternoon and all Thursday are clean-up days. I get to clean up not one, not two; but THREE ROOMS of my house! The room my brother took over, the room I ended up moving into (the guest room) and the bathroom (because Brandon never cleans it). I can't wait...seriously.
Friday is, hopefully, a free day to send packages back to Idaho and take care of last minute business before I leave Germany to include: buying my pinstripe suit, dropping a gift off at the OU office, getting snacks for the plane, packing my bags, etc.
Then, when Saturday rolls around, I'll be ready to go to the airport and fly out to Ohio (passed out on the plane for most of the time). I'll chill with my best bud, Caryn, for a few days in a funny named town AND get to go to PKI. Then when the 18th rolls around I'll be on my way to Idaho for the beginning of another eventful school year. I can't wait for Ohio and Idaho!! :D

Though, now that I think about it, I don't want to leave home-home. I guess it's the fact that home-home is so far away from home in Idaho. It's almost as if it is a permanent away. While I do enjoy the break from my family, I don't enjoy not being able to see them as often as everyone else gets to see their parents. Though, I guess it's just the way of things. I knew I'd be away from my parents when I picked my college, but I didn't realize it was really that far away. Plus, I thought my parents would be moving back after my freshman year, but that's not happening anymore. As far as I can tell, they plan on moving back around my senior year or later. On the upside, the weekends; conversations; useless chit-chat; fights; bickering; barking; homecooked meals; dine-out meals; hugs and kisses missed at home-home always end up feeling warmer and fuller when I come back for Christmas. That makes up for not being close by, almost. ;)

Kill Bill Vol.2
POST SCRIPT: KILL BILL VOLUME TWO COMES OUT TOMORROW!!! REJOICE! Now I'll own the set and have the posters up in my room to rave about it. XD (A little overKILL, I think.)

POST POST SCRIPT: At this time last year I was on my way back to Idaho and ended up staying a night in Atlanta. I made it to Boise on the 10th and stayed with Steven until the 19th. The only difference this year, obviously, is that I'm taking a little stop in Ohio and coming back to Idaho to stay with Lacey. (Oh, and, NO RACOONS!) MUHAHAHAHA ! XD

POST POST POST SCRIPT: I've updated this one entry alone 11 12 times now. XD XD XD


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I had the weirdest dream the other night. I would detail it here, but I think I might make a story about it. Who knows, it could prove to be interesting.

Anyway, things are kind of mellow. I'm working almost straight up to the day I leave, doing debate stuff, cleaning up, and counting down the days until I go to Ohio and then back to Idaho.

Only 9 more days until I'm in Ohio and 13 until I'm in Idaho. Woo! :D