Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I woke up extra early today to apply for more jobs today, but to my knowledge I still haven't gotten a call back. It's not too surprising to me, though, especially since I'm starting to realize that all the places that I have applied to probably don't want someone for just a few months. It's kind of funny that I didn't realize this sooner, but it makes sense. My last three summers I've had a job, and I got each of them quickly and easily. There are many differences between then and now though. For starters, the job I had three summers ago, although crappy, was with Burger King and they assumed that I'd probably be working with them well into the school year. The summer after that I got a job making web pages with my friend Veneliza because of our webmaster skills. Although the pay sucked, the job itself was hella' fun and I think Veneliza and I enjoyed our extra free time looking at webcomics when we finished our work with ease. As for last summer, my job working for Oklahoma University was pure luck and networking at play. If it wasn't for Alex Garcia, who works with my mom, I wouldn't have found out that his wife, Chris, needed someone during summer enrollment to be a part-time secretary/registrar.

This summer is different though. Networking and luck are not bringing any jobs to me at the moment. It did at first, but the pay (only $5.14/hr) for what I would've had to deal with was certainly not worth my time. Yet, now, I'm starting to think that maybe I should've just taken it and dealt with the shit that it would've flung at me. Maybe then things would be different, but there really is no way to know.

Regardless, I've applied to so many places that I figured would be in need of people that I'm surprised nothing has come back my way, even if only for two months. And now it's got me thinking that I might not have a job this summer, that I might not make any money. I could, of course, sell my body out by the autobahn, but somehow I just don't think that it would be the best option. Besides, I'd be intruding on the whores already staked territory, and I really don't want to get into fights with them. (They might fling g-strings infested with crabs and dripping with chlamydia juice at my eyes, and that would not be fun. AT. ALL!) Yeah, that's definitely not an option.

I suppose I should continue doing research and working on my speeches for debate along with my staples of housework until I get a callback. I just wish things had worked out differently this summer. The way things had been planned completely changed and everything is starting to feel amiss now. And, yeah, I'm sure things will get better as they usually do in this cyclical effect of my life, but being on the downside waiting for the wave to pick back up has been an echo to the way things have been this year.


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