Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I've been e-mailing my college's housing department and recently found out that they "didn't receive my application" even though I know I submitted it back in April. Apparently there online application is NOT the best way to get to them. Fucking liars!

So I asked the person in charge of housing, since she never really responded to me earlier, if it was even worth trying to submit an application again since I was so far down the list. To which she replied, "You'd be 10th on the list if you submitted it right now." And further noted that "there are always a few apartments that open up in the summer." A few, huh. Thanks.

Thanks for getting back to me sooner and for notifying me that you received my application. Oh, wait, you didn't. Fuck housing, seriously.


Bree said...

So what happened to the hard copy that you got from the apartment office? Did you not turn that one in, or was that the one they "didn't get"?

You could always "viva en van circa de rio!" XD Seriously though, that blows...

Zucchini said...


Thister said...

I did the application online which they say is "the best and fastest" way to apply. Obviously, that's a lie.

So, no, I don't have a hard copy. I don't have proof that I did it, even though I know I did.

And no, not even jokingly, I would not live in a van down by the river. Guh. This is going to be a fun year, I can feel it already.

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