Sunday, June 19, 2005

I've decided that, although I love this masthead, it is time to change the masthead to a new one in celebration of all things Jack's Mannequin (JM). If you don't like that, tough crap.

I am, however, being cool and letting the viewers of this blog "vote" for the next masthead out of the two below. Both have a different images, a different feel, and different lyrics from two different JM songs.

Click to enlarge the images (you'll have to push the back button to get back here):

This one would require more of a color change on the blog. I'd have to change the cool grassy greens to silver blues. I'd also have to do a minor adjustment on where the "thister" title/link is located.

This one wouldn't really require color change, though it looks interesting with black bars. I think I'd keep my cool grassy greens though. There also might be a minor adjustment on where the "thister" title/link is located, but it's less likely.

I like both of them a lot. Either way, though, the other will become a masthead later. It might not be right after this one is selected, but it will become a masthead eventually.

So leave a comment as to which one you prefer (over the next two days), and in the end I'll tally it up and we'll have a new masthead.


Blue said...

they're both cool! however, me being me, the ripples in the water appeal to me. so i vote that one.

carebear said...

hey..i am sorry about your dog..that's how we had to put ours down...for voting wise..i like the water..the words and the ripples kinda play a secert role together...

Bree said...

I'm going to follow the same pattern I have established in the last two Presidential elections and vote against the car crash one XD

Actually, it's because the second one makes me think of the crash that I was in. Holy Debbie Downer...sorry about that one.

Go with the rain one. It's real purty. ;)

PS sorry I signed off while we were talking earlier...Moro was being tempermental. lol

Thister said...

My vote is for the road one, just to offset the votes ;)

Also, as a note, the rain one is interesting in that that's not it's original color. It was gray before I did my crazy cool photo editing.

chace said...

i like the rain one... :D

Zucchini said...

Gah! They're both good. But I like the road one... it feels like Germany. XD

Anonymous said...

hey, i found ur site through bloghopping. its cool.

i like the road one because it has more action.

Thister said...


Voting has been extended for two more days, to conclude on Thursday.

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