Monday, June 13, 2005

After obtaining a new debit card I was finally able to upgrade my flickr account to a pro account. Now all my travel photos are organized by location and numerous other photos have been filed into different sets. Schweet! ;)


carebear said...

well i am happy to hear that everything is going okay...good luck with that interview and job...i had plenty of them, but they just are a pain in the butt!..nothing new to report just enjoying the math class and summer! dorms..huh...hey they aren't that bad.. ;)

Thister said...

Hey you! Haha! Thanks for everything.

Uhm, yeah, actually the dorms are bad. On my campus, anyway. They will seriously drive me insane, possibly suicidal if I have to live in them again. So, I'm hoping to the Lord above that I'm not living in them again or there could be serious problems.

Aside from the housing issue, yeah, everything seems pretty good. I just wish that I had friends to hang out with here because I am bored out of my mind more so than I thought I would be--probably because I thought I would have a job this summer (espeically by now).

carebear said...

got to check out my new will laugh!!!

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