Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Perhaps I'm being pre-judgmental, but I'm starting to dislike this summer. In addition to not having a job, I don't really have anyone to hang out with and I'm not in touch with my friends from college as much as I would like to be.

I'm sure this is just a phase that will pass, I just wish it would hasten its pace so I could quit feeling so down.


Blue said...

I vote you try to enjoy your summer... look at it this way: you have to start classes again at the end of august right? There goes your sleep! You should sleep in. And while you're at it... do something stupid. That way it feels like I'm there! lol! (or better yet, have Steph pull a Caryn--make her run down a hill and land in a puddle...while wearing flip flops--but it's gotta be at 3 in the morning LOL)

I miss you!

Zucchini said...

*hugs* =D

magnetic_poet said...

Hey, at least we had some good times in Munich and Berlin. That has to count for something :-) BTW, have you ever thought of making a little cash selling stuff on ebay? It might not work given your circumstances in Germany, but when I'm strapped that's what I do. . .

By the way, as a lesson to all the youngsters in the room, LYING WORKS. Remember my elaborate lie to get an aisle seat on the plane? Yeah, well I didn't get an aisle seat, I got an EXIT ROW!!! Plus I got an upgrade-ette to Economy Plus, so that was nice too.

Keep smiling, Wayne! Things will get better :-)

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