Friday, June 03, 2005

I love the bumper sticker that says, "The Religious Right is neither."


Amanda said...

Hey Wayne!!! I finally have gotten the chance to visit your blog. I have been quite busy lately, between school and work. School is going really well, I absolutely love psychology...I have made 100's on both of the tests, too, so that adds to my liking of the class. I absolutely hate driving 80 miles (roundtrip) to get to my PE/Health class...but it is a really easy and fun class, so I guess that takes away a little of the disliking of the drive.
I started work yesterday and it is so much fun. Of course, you know that I love clothes and shoes and purses, well that is my job now. I set up displays and help people when they need it. Today, I got to set up the Oakley glass display cabinet, that was a lot of fun...I am putting my creativity to use. I got to count diamonds too, of course I oogled over them. Lets see, what else? We get trucks on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and that is the challening part of the job...having to unpack the boxes, fold, stack, and hang clothes. Then we take them to the floor and try to sell them. I helped unload the truck yesterday and it was hot and when I got done I was all sweaty and then had to go out on the floor and help people...I don't think I smelled, at least not too bad! ;-) They still talked to me! :-D My boss is really young and really nice....we have a lot of fun, my coworkers are amazing, I feel like I've known them forever. I love working on the submarine base and being around the military...I have needed that sense of "family" and home, ya know? The diversity of my job keeps it exciting and the people make it fun to go to work.

So, have you found a job?? What have you been up to? I love your pictures of Munich. Who is Nancy by the way?

Hope to talk to you soon...I miss talking to you, too!

Love, Amanda

Blue said...

HAHAHA! Quita! You crack me up!

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