Tuesday, May 17, 2005

One of the first things that I've missed since returning home, surprisingly, is real television. Not reality television or that fake junk on MTV, VH1, and numerous other networks. No, I mean real television as in television outside the bounds of sitcoms and informational shows. Unfortunately those are the only things on our network of channels here, so I'm learning to live with it again.

Thankfully, some of my favorite networks from the states (Comedy Central in particular) post various video clips from shows that I watched throughout the year on the internet for viewing pleasure. During that last two days I've visited Comedy Central's site to watch clips from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart since most of the news I get here is, well, government-based and very conservative. Besides, there's no humor in it. No humor means no enjoyment, which also means me not watching it.

Aside from Comedy Central, though, I've found that I'm already starting to miss Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Who knew that the shows on that station would become such a staple in my viewing diet? I didn't. Ok, yeah, I did; but, I didn't think they'd have such residual effects on me. Now I'm reduced to watching, well, not much of anything.

Perhaps this is a good thing though. Watching television doesn't get much done. In fact, it doesn't really get anything done. And sure, it comforting to see Katie Couric tell me the news while looking sexy, but I could read it in the paper with less spin and have a better understanding of what's going on--unless it's the local paper, then there's still spin. I'm starting to see that, in this time before I get a job, I have free time to do my own thing and be happy in all of it. It's a sense of solitude. A free feeling where I'm reflecting, relaxing, and reviving. I don't think I've had time enough like this in a long time. And right now, it's the remedy to my previous problems. Problems that aren't anything anymore, but broken bricks of burden off my back and on the floor.


Bree said...

hey guess what? Yeah, I'm pissed. So when [Adult Swim] said that FMA moved to MTW nights at 11, they neglected to tell me that they were STARTING THE SERIES OVER AGAIN! Yeah, from episode 1. ooooo. Not happy. :|

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