Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Finals are finally done. Thankfully, I didn't have trouble with most of them except Japanese. This was mostly due in part to my lack of concern for the class (especially ever since I started taking it with my former/current professor of this year) and the fact that he's a big douche bag about being a professor and how he teaches. He's a nice, funny guy, but he's an absolutely horrible professor. Too bad he's tenured. As such, the Japanese department on my campus will continue to suck until the department does something about him, if ever. Eh. What's done is done though.

As of right now, I'm tying up some loose ends. First I have to send some transcripts off. Then I have to pack my stuff up for pick-up tomorrow. And an assortment of other things to do tonight and tomorrow before I fly back to Germany to see my family. At least these days won't be as busy as the last few were here.

Well, time is running short right now. Looks like I better get started...


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