Friday, May 20, 2005

Hey all! Nancy and I are here at a local internet cafe checking e-mail and getting ready to go to our next destination of sorts today.

Yesterday, after arriving around noon, we headed to some churches, markets, and ended up seeing the Glockenspeil. We also went to the Haufbrau House for dinner...and DRINKING! It was sooo much fun! We were fortunate enough to get seated at a very festive table with very friendly people. The woman at the end of the table kept making "kissy-faces" at Nancy and I who, for obvious reasons, were very amused and shocked that she would think to ask us to do that. Regardless, we both had our beers and had a great time. By the end of the night I had two whole liters of beer! Yes, I know that's crazy. It was so awesome though. I hope we get to go back again!

As for today, we have some museum trips planned so that's what we're heading out to do right now. I'll check back with you all later and let you know what else has been going on here in Munich.


carebear said...

crazy kid...i really think that you needed this road trip..for you and to relax...enjoy it while you have time!!

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