Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Nancy and I are here at another internet cafe. After an eventful afternoon yesterday, we settled with seeing only a few things most of the stuff we wanted to see was either too far away or closed soon. Between visiting sights we would exchange "schoen" moments'--this, of course, goes back to a story moment that I had on the train ride up here. While I was standing on the train, yes, standing, from Mannheim to Frankfurt, this woman kept walking up and down the aisle next the the compartment booths and bathroom around the area where I was. Well, as she walked by the train to a sharp turn and she smacked her head into the train right between me and the Chinese lady standing to my left. I looked over at the Chinese lady, who thought it right to say nothing and just looked at the lady. So, trying to be sympathetic I said "schoen," which I thought meant "Aww" or "I'm sorry" or something like that, but it actually means "Good job!" Needless to say, I felt like a bit of an asshole in retrospect.

Aside from that, though, we got to see the Berlin Church yesterday and walk around the top ring of the church. It was a great view and we took lots of pictures until I realized my camera was dying. Damn camera! However, as we made our way back down from the top we both realized that our hands were getting very disgusting. I remarked that I felt my hands had been bathed in shit at least five times while going down the stairs. So, we washed our hands as we were leaving because it was nasty!

We also went to the Berlin TV Tower, and we were actually planning on eating dinner there until we found out the cost of the tickets to get to the top. They were 7.50 euro, which is roughly 10 dollars...and totally out of our budget. Nancy asked them if they had a student pass and they said they didn't, so we both looked at each other and said "Nein" in front of the ticket booth. We assume they were laughing at us as we walked away, but the whole situation was funny.

Aside from that, we really didn't do much else. We went to dinner at an Irish Pub and had a good time there before hooking it up with the subway and going to the swanky bar across the street from our hostel for another beer. After that we headed back to the hostel and went to bed.

As for today, we're going to try and see as much as possible, but we'll see how that goes. We got caught off guard by these "plain clothes subway police" that looked like normal people until they pulled out the badges like some action-hero and demanded everyone show them their pass. There were two of them. One was short and kind of chubby. The other one was tall and very lanky, he even looked kind of like Chace in dress. Hahaa! Yeah, Chace, you'd fit right in here with the rest of the metros!!!

Well, I'm out. I need to let Nancy check her e-mail and write stuff! I'm an internet whore! XD


Blue said...

Oh man! I feel bad for that woman! But your verbal error has me cracking up! I read that ten minutes ago and I'm still laughing! HAHAHAHA. That was a moment where you don't say anything and you look the other way, like it never happened. When you get home, I suggest you look up how to say "I'm sorry." or I'm sure "Awww" is international.
What's funny is if that were me, I'm sure you'd be saying "Good Job..."

Thister said...

...Exactly! Hahahahah!

Blue said...

HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's not nice! I wonder why I put up with you? LOL

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