Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Kill Finals

Dear Death List Five,

I recently completed the second piece of you on my journey to KILL FINALS. It's been an interesting journey too. My first opponent was your wicked lessons in math, but I survived unscathed and defeated your ways. Your army of integrals and anti-derivatives attacked with great force, but alas, died in battle. It was not an easy battle, but through the help of my honorable master (a burned copy of the answers, BOTH even and odd), I took you down considerably fast. With no more lessons to take down, I moved on to my next topic of interest: The Japanese Culture Paper of DOOM!

It appeared innocent at first, until the research ensued and tried to consume me whole. Pages upon pages were read, numerous hours were spent on the computer, day after day at my desk for you--until tonight. You've met your end. With the closing paragraph and conclusion reached, you fell lifeless out of the printer into my hands. You'll soon be turned into the proper authorities, and I will receive a handsome reward for your demise.

Yet, I still have three tasks to accomplish--the last being to KILL FINALS. The Japanese Language Paper of Doom looms in the shadows, likely to be the next to fall. With it's confusing jargon, it will be a most admirable opponent that will pass quickly. Next, the TA paper will show itself only to be torn apart. And then I will exact my revenge on the one thing I've been working toward this whole semester: to KILL FINALS!


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