Monday, May 23, 2005

I head out to Berlin tomorrow morning around 6:13 in the morning and arrive around noon. Yeah, that's going to be a blast. Thankfully I only have to change trains once and I should be able to sleep from there on out, hopefully. As an added bonus, my second train is Nancy's second train too, so we'll both be on the same train for about three hours of the six hours trip for me. Plus, when we return we'll be on the same train for two hours and then I'll have four boring hours on the way back home. Woo, can't wait for that!

As for places we plan on seeing in Berlin, I personally would like to visit the Stasi Headquarters, but it's not in downtown Berlin so it might not be on the list. I'd also like to see Checkpoint Charlie Museum and the Brandenburg Gate, both are things I know Nancy wants to see so we'll probably be doing those for sure. Still, nothing is set in stone yet. As such, the details will be worked out tomorrow on the train while I'm caffeinated or after a nap...hopefully the latter of the two.

Well, I'm off to bed now. I need to get some sleep or else it's going to be a very bad train ride up to Berlin. :P

I'll post photos from both Berlin and Munich after I get back from Berlin and set up the software for my camera on my parents computer. Sound good? Check you later, Internet! (Caryn, I miss you and I'll be calling you when I get back!)


carebear said...

i figured that i would just send it over this...easier...3019 thomes ave..cheyenne, wyo...82001

Blue said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Ok, I'm sending over the uber important Caryn-Wayne vibes because you NEED TO TAKE THIS TOUR!!!!: When you get off the train (if memory serves) you'll take a right to get to the "i" (information). There's a Dunkin' Donuts across the street (seriously...serves as an AWESOME breakfast) Americans offer tours of Berlin. TAKE THE TOUR TAKE THE TOUR TAKE THE TOUR TAKE THE TOUR TAKE THE TOUR! It was freakin' awesome! So many facts! DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TO THE PERGAMO! It's got the Pergammon alter (which resulted in Caryn having a field day b/c it's Greek and we both know how much I love my Greek mythology.)

I miss you too! I can't believe I missed your call! What's odd is I probably had just left the house! Ahhh time was not on my side! I hope I'm home when you get back! (to check, go find Nadia and have her text me...she's got a spiffy phone that lets her switch GSM bands so i can text her stateside number :D) Hope you have a rockin' time in Berlin!

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