Thursday, May 26, 2005

Once again we are at another internet cafe here in Berlin. Yesterday was a fairly nice day with lots of walking, most of which will be detailed later when I've had time to relax and make sure all things are in order.

Today, however, has been interesting in particular becuase I think I lost or misplaced my debit/credit card, so I haven't been able to withdrawl any extra money that would be needed for getting lunch and getting home. With pulling my wallet out here and getting my student ID card, it's possible that, if I had it while I was here, it fell out. However, I'm not sure if I had it or not. It might just be sitting on my dresser, it might not be. I don't know. XD The last time I used it was when I withdrew money from the bank to go bowling with Steph. Damn you Steph! This is all your fault!!! Just kidding. I'm sure it will all work out either way.


Blue said...

I GOT YOUR POSTCARD! Made me laugh :D. Dang... air mail (haha...LUFTPOST was written on it...ahh... I miss Germany...)travels faster than packages. But the package is somewhere between NY and Ramstein! (if it's not already sitting in the post office b/c some idiot forgot to give you a slip saying you got a package...)

Hope you had a rockin'(or as someone once said to me: GNARLY TO THE MAX)time in Berlin!

Blue said...

Ok. so forget that... you got the package. Enjoy the chili, cuz you know it rocks! Rock on Cincinatti!

Bree said...

Ha! Sounds like me, except I always "lose" my wallet in different bags! SMRT.

Dad said I got a postcard from you today...he couldn't read your handwriting, so I guess I'll have to wait until I get back to Boiswa to know what you wrote! har har, thanks for the letter though! Hope to talk to you soon!

carebear said...

that sounds like a great was your trip?

Blue said...

Don't tell me it wasn't awesome! You know it was! LOL! Nothing can top that!

Thanks for cheering me up today! You always know how to make me smile! I'm smiling for you :D<--see? lol

I miss you!

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