Monday, April 04, 2005

  1. Iron my suit and press my shirt for official team photos and the PSA
  2. Read that damn section in "Basic Concepts" for our Japanese Culture presentation.
  3. Practice my POI at least three times for the Undergraduate Research Conference next week
  4. Meet with Marty and figure out the classes I'm taking for the Fall
  5. Buy Gym Class Heros' CD
  6. Buy The Academy Is...'s CD
  7. Send a box of stuff to my parents

    • Find a birthday card for my Mom
    • Wrap my Mom's gift
    • Get my Dad the things he wants

  8. Clean my room
  9. Look at apartments for next year
  10. Get GBP's webpage up and running
  11. Make a new template for my blog (Ha! I know.)


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