Monday, April 18, 2005

Galt's talk to the roommates was put on hold yesterday due to various reasons. While I was doing homework and studying for a test, Barton never cared to actually talk to me about the message I left on the board. I'm not sure why he always avoids conversation with me when I write a message on the white board. He goes off and talks to Bunya and Lacey, I'm sure, but never talks to me.

It's making me wonder, since I know Bunya doesn't like me, if he told Bunya something that I didn't intend from something I wrote on there since he's lived with us. I'm not entirely sure why Bunya doesn't like me, but I'm starting to suspect that Barton played a larger role in that than I may have originally thought.

Of course, it's only speculation. And, quite frankly, it's a horribly asinine situation that has become of this apartment over the last two months. It's just that if Barton did play a larger role in the situation than originally thought, I want to know why. Was there something I did to piss him off? Does he just want Bunya to be his friend? Is there something I'm missing?

I don't know. I really wish that living with other people would have worked out better this year. I look at the apartment through these semesters and in many ways I wish Brad still lived with us. We might have had our problems with him, but he was better than Bunya because he talked to us, hung out with everyone, and was fun to be around.

I'm sure we'll have our talk soon, even if Bunya isn't there because he doesn't like me. I just hope that, if it is happening, my words aren't twisted by the interpreter like it appears they have been.


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