Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Rabid Panda: yay FMA =D
Thister: Yeah. LOL! Are the voice-subs better?
Rabid Panda: I <3 everyone in it XD
Rabid Panda
: omg nothing can beat the Japanese voices
Thister: Seriously?
Rabid Panda: especially for Ed, Al, and Roy
Thister: Hmm.
Rabid Panda: I am sooo serious
Thister: I'll download a Japanese episode then.
Rabid Panda: Jeff and I about had seizures when we heard the ENglish version
Thister: LOL! It must be true.
Thister: You two know your anime!
Rabid Panda: lol
Rabid Panda: Japanese voice actresses make the best adolescent guy noises XD ... wait, that sounded wrong
Thister: LMAO!
Rabid Panda: you know what I mean XD
Thister: HAHAH! That's funny!
Rabid Panda: angsty noises
Rabid Panda: errr
Rabid Panda: nevermind

Veneliza, you rock! I'm downloading a Japanese episode right now and I'll give you my review of it soon enough :)


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