Friday, April 29, 2005

Professor: "What is this for?" (Looks at an orange rose that a student has presented to her)
Ditzy Student: "It's for you, so I can pass this class." (Hands her the rose)
(The class laughs in a riot, except for myself, Darlee, and some others. The Professor doesn't laugh, but has a smirk of confusion and cynicism on her face.)
Professor: "Right. Well, I'll put this here. (Places flower on an empty desk next to the Ditzy Student) It's not for passing Calculus, I'm afraid."
Ditzy Student: "Oh."

Professor: "So this is how you compute the indefinite function."
Ditzy Student: "Uh! I don't understand how you got v(dv)=dx. Can you explain that to me?"
Professor: "Right. So, (scribbles on board) it's simple algebra."
Ditzy Student: "I still don't get it."
Me: (Scribbles algebra of cross-multiplying on paper and shows it to Ditzy Student) "This IS how you get that."
Ditzy Student: "Oh," she giggles, "I get it now. That's good because I'll need to know this for when I become a senator!"
Darlee and Me: (Both laugh a light "Heh, yeah right" subtly and silently, then look at each other knowing that they're thinking the same thing.)

Thank God it's almost over! Whew!


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