Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A novel concept

I would hate to invite you over to my apartment, really I would. You have no idea how dirty it is right now. The common areas look like shit, and my room looks like a cyclone stormed through here.

Dishes are usually piled in the sink past the brim. All the pots are usually in the sink too, so you usually have to wash them before you can use them. The counters have stains all over them from soups and beverages. We're lucky there isn't any mold.

The stove has gotten increasingly disgusting. There are sauce stains, drippings, and bits of food scattered around it's former white surface, so much so, in fact, that there's probably enough dirty food on there for a rat to live on.

The floor has thousands of dust bunnies under the table and around the edges where the drawers meet the floor. There's even bits of food that have long since dried for the bunnies to feast on. And sometimes, when you open the front door, you can see them scurry across the floor into a corner.

So, you're probably wondering why I'm not cleaning the kitchen? Well, that's just it. I used to clean the counters and stove every week, but I stopped cleaning them when I realized that no one else was. I stopped mopping and vacuuming too. Lacey continued cleaning the kitchen after I had given up for about two weeks until she too realized that it was a losing battle. Ever since then, it has gotten cleaned once by Bunya while we were away at Nationals and that is it.

And it is disgusting, but I'm living with it.

The whole point of not cleaning the kitchen was to make Barton and Bunya clean it, but they obviously don't care or don't notice that there is a problem. Even though they've been confronted that there is a problem with the common spaces, nothing has been done. Furthermore, when they clean they think that cleaning just the stove-top is enough, but it's obviously not.

I just wish they'd do their part to help out around the apartment, but alas, it doesn't matter too much anymore. This semester ends in 37 days, and when it does I don't have to be around this dirtiness anymore.


Blue said...

you should hide all the food until the kitchen gets cleaned. while it's being cleaned, eat the food, that way, they'll see what happens when the kitchen is dirty. blackmail. a wonderful thing.

Thister said...

Thoughtful and evil. Hahah! That's why I like you! :D

Blue said...

I'm so glad those are the only qualities ;D

You know, blackmail works in every day life: "if you don't lay down and be quiet, I'm taking away your blanket." "If you don't do your homework, you won't get that prize you wanted when you did jobs" HAHAHAHA I'm now experienced in blackmail. I should be licensed.

Thister said...

Hahah! You'll make an excellent teacher, won't you then. LOL!


Blue said...

Hey if my toddlers love me then I don't see why not! (They wouldn't let me leave today. It was way to cute. I almost took all of them to school with me. Picture that. 2 or 3 three year olds fresh from being potty trained...good stuff!) Ahhh...Blue loves her kids

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