Friday, April 01, 2005

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I'm in a space in between yesterday and tomorrow and I'm don't know if I'm ready to move forward or if I'm blindly falling backward. And I don't know what it's about or where I want to be.

I can't speak, I fear sharing thoughts. I don't want it to get too least not right now. I write rampantly during times like this, but this time it is different. I write, but in cryptic undertones so the real message is muddled because I don't want it to be fully known. Yet, I feel I need to voice something if only to allow myself to breathe and throw a brick off my shoulders.

But it's not enough.

The lucidity and depth of this body of water have become murky and iced-over. I'm just skating across it right now, cautiously. With each movement I worry the ice will crack and that I'll fall into these waters of uncertainty as they stab at me and pull me under. The helping hands I have pushing me along now may not be there to pull me up if and when I fall under. Yet these hands are warm, strong, and caring.

But is it enough?

The clock ticks, and time passes. Then time is paused, only for an instant. Time as the scene is left in position. Untouched, but examined. Nothing spoken, but something broken? The clock ticks again, and time passes. The hands circle, and circle, and circle until keeping track doesn't matter anymore. And yet, the scene replays. Replays in circles, and circles until it spins out.

And it is more than enough...right now.


carebear said...

hey i will be done with classes at if you want to call i will be here...the stupid msn is not working at the moment...but please call if you need to....

stephanie said...

hey wayne
my cellphone is dead. it was a flip phone and it broke in half so the calling might be hard. why dont you email me at my and i will email you back cause i would love to talk

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