Tuesday, March 01, 2005

There's something to be said about the genuine goodness of certain individuals. Their unyielding generosity and depth of caring. Ok, so it was just a free haircut from Kari, but at the same time it was something more.

There has been a lot going on lately between figuring out next year, roommates during this year (even currently), classes, and, of course, debate. It's all been getting me down, and when it starts to look up it's only another hill climb away to the next issue. If it's not one thing, it's another. Needless to say, it's left me in a bit of a rough disposition. I haven't felt really good about much of anything lately. I go to classes and I'm upset or agitated; I go to tournaments and I'm stressed or burnt out or some mixture of emotions; I return to the apartment after a day of classes and I'm angry and ready to leave. And I know why all of it's getting me down, but I feel like there's nothing I can do about it. Moreover, even if there is a shred of something that I can do, I feel like it won't change anything to the ultimate end that I want.

And so, tonight, while I was in this mix of feelings with a hint of "I just don't care anymore", I went to get my hair cut by Kari. She's the same person who's cut my hair for the last two years and she's got to be the kewlest, craziest, rock'n woman I know. She's so radical and different and down to earth. Well, I'm not sure if she knew I was upset or not, but she cheered me up. First, she said she'd let me have a free haircut, which I initially refused but later accepted. Then she told me some of the funniest stories I've heard in a long time. Who knew there were idiots out there that actually thought broccoli and corn were the United States' most scarce resource? I didn't think there was such an individual out there, but Kari let me know that some dumb barfly at a local bar thought just that. She also told me about her crazy Grandpa who she's always fighting with to correct him and all the fun stories that seem to accompany him.

It was hilarious. It was relieving. It was just what I needed. I felt relaxed and cheered up almost instantly, and I didn't have anything else on my mind.

Surely enough, I had to return to the apartment and the issues and emotions that seem to accompany it, but it wasn't as bad. At least, during this time, it wasn't.

Thanks Kari, for the simple act of generosity and cheering me up. You may never know how much it means to me right now, but I'm thankful. ;)


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