Monday, March 07, 2005

Helping Lacey with her speech events and practicing my speech events for debate for three hours...Diligence.

It better pay off!


Bree said...

Well, if nothing else, I'll be reeeeeallllly good at burning photos of Tibetan monks! XD

Amanda said...

What are you doing in this picture??? Practicing a little too hard?;-) Just kidding. How have you been??

Thister said...

Go to flickr to see the descriptions. LOL! I'm trying to get the blocking right as if I'm actually holding a small child.


I've been well and a bit busy. It's been good though. On and on it goes, I guess. ;)

Thister said...

Yeah, and I'll be good at holding stuffed animals and cuddling them. Damn, that sucks!! LOL!

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