Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The fact that the post office doesn't leave the customs forms out by the "form island" so I can fill it out before I get to the counter.

Waste of 3 mintues in my life.


Blue said...

ours do...Beavercreek AND Alpha...so...so...MEAH! lol

Thister said...

Ah, well aren't you lucky! Oh well, it's not a big deal. It just kind of bugs me.

Blue said...

Yes, yes I am lucky! I am so damn lucky! I can get lucky, too...if I wanted to...but we'll leave that up to the future. I could get lucky w/ the lottery, if I wanted to, but I'll end up losing, b/c my luck runs like that. BAD LUCK! Except for certain *ahem* aspects of my life :D

Thister said...

XD LOL! You're so cracked out. I write about post about customs forms and it turns into a discussion on "luck" and how you could get "lucky". Hahah!

:) Thanks for making me laugh and smile.

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