Tuesday, March 22, 2005

This is going to be very short because I have a flight to catch in roughly seven hours...

WE WON THE NATIONAL TOURNAMENT! :D WE TOOK 1ST OVERALL! 1ST in DEBATE SWEEPS (Thanks to Hillary and I, and, of course, Barton and Lacey)! 2nd in IE SWEEPS!

I'll be posting pictures when I'm back from spring break in South Dakota. Check you all later ;)


carebear said...

wayne...i am SOOOO HAPPY for you...i am soo glad that i helped in a great way..i told you that you have nothing to worry about..it was all you and then the team came 2nd...that's soo awesome..thanks for the messange,it made me smile i loved it, i just got back right after you left that..sorry i missed it...you have to tell me all about it when you get a chance...i will be here and then home on weds or so..for easter break...you have an awesome spring break...thanks for being my best friend and i am always here if you need me...have fun

Zucchini said...

Congratulations! =D

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