Saturday, March 05, 2005

Going down to Texas was by far one of the most interesting experiences of my life. I was shocked at how nice everyone was, with the exception of a minor few. Everything was great, except for Krista, but that's nothing new.

We debated the following resolutions:

This House Believe that Dean is a step in the right direction for the Democrats
Mission Accomplished?
The U.S. should take steps to prevent a Syrian/Iranian alliance
This House Believes it's time to embrace the horror
This House Believes that athletes should be held accountable for their actions
This House Believes that a National Identification Card system would aid in the fight on terror

Needless-to-say, they were interesting. Hillary and I tried our best, but we didn't break to finals. That's ok though, it was intended to be a learning experience.

We also had some interesting quotes on this trip:

Rob: "I wonder what the 'd' in 'Zone d' Erotica' stands for? Quite the prominent location, too!"
Marty: "Yes indeed! Looks like it used to be a waffle house!"

Hillary: "HOOTERS!"
Marty: "Thanks Jared!"

Krista: "Slim shorts that say: 'T. E. X. A. S.' 'X marks the spot'" *As she points to her ass.* (Apparently Annah isn't the only one for anal!)

Erin: "Everything is not bigger in Texas!"

Palm Pilot Guidance System: "Off course, recalculating."

Marty: "Don't sass me! I sass you!" (Talking to the Palm Pilot Guidance System)

Hillary: "Flying down the interstate..." (continuing to sing country songs that mention Texas)

Me: "Holy Shit! I need a cigarette NOW!"
Hillary: "You don't smoke. Besides, the round wasn't that bad."
Me: *fake twitching* "Need. Cigarette. Now!"
Hillary: "Oh jeez!"
Erin: "Why is he twitching?"
Hillary: "He thinks he needs a cigarette..."
Erin: "Right. Well, I'm not going to contribute to the formation of an addiction for someone else."

Announcer: "Rob. Rob Parchuko!"
Rob: "Paruka, here!"
Marty: "You know, Rob, when I send e-mails to you my spell checker says you last name is 'Parakeet'."

Miles: "How about I just call you 'Reshav'?"

Hillary and Me: "The word of the weekend is most certainly 'DOUCHE BAG!'"

Announcer: "Have you hit Grace?"
Charley, her opponent: "Huh?!" (looks dazed)
Announcer: "No, not physically!"

Me: "Ok, so I've decided NOT to take up smoking. There have been some redeeming features to this tournament, I think."
Erin: "Good. You had me worried."

Marty: "I had lunch with Batman"

Miles: "Look, Helipad landing and spotlights! Marty, we could see Batman too!"

Me: "Fuck!!! ERIN! I want a cigarette, NOW! Give me a cigarette now!! I need one! Holy shit! If I have to deal with that bitch again..."
Erin: *hugs me* "It's ok, I know. She gets like that and she's made this tournament not as fun. However, it's not a reason to take up smoking. It's not healthy."
Me: "I don't care! I want a cigarette! Now!
Erin: "No"
Me: *big sigh* "Fine." (long pause) "I'll just buy them when we stop off at the gas station."
Erin: *laughs* "Right."

Yeah, it was good fun! XD I can't believe Nationals' is only 10 days away! Craziness.


Bree said...

I think it's funny that I live with you and you wouldn't tell me these stories, but rather MAKE me read your BLOG from DOWN THE HALL.

Tigon of twat my ass. LOL!

Cheers, the liger of lust. XD

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