Monday, March 07, 2005

High of 66 degrees. Ah, yes! I love this weather.


carebear said...

yeah i am's about 37 here...but we have a stupid wind chill...i have more to tell inform you...this weekend was a blast!!!!!

Thister said...

Good good! Glad to hear all is well, besides the weather ;)

Blue said...

It was FIFTY-SEVEN! I'm soooooo excited! Well...I was. I wore flip flops, broke out my spring jacket. I've got my hair going into spring mode (aka...the closest to my natural hair color, which, btw, is NOT blonde, though some say it should be) And then...the moment I got home from picking up Colleen, the thunder came and the rain just POURED! It's been pouring for about two hours.

Ok...gotta rinse the dye. It's NOT blonde! Remind me to tell you about the ULTIMATE blonde moment that I had today in class. It was sooooooooooo bad! HAHAHAHA

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