Friday, February 25, 2005

In roughly 12 hours I will touch down in Houston and be on my way to a full afternoon and evening of debate.

I'm not taking this tournament lightly. It's caused me to lose sleep, sanity, and some relaxing evenings. However, it's a learning experience. I'm going off-circuit to better prepare myself for Nationals in mid-March.

As of now, I'm ahead in all of my subjects and ready to go. I'm tired, torn, and a little beaten by the earlier half of this week, but I'm looking optimistically forward to this weekend away. I don't know what it will bring or how well our mini-me of a team will do there, but I feel confident in knowing that we're going there to learn.

Until Monday evening, have a good weekend. If I can, I'll keep you posted. ;)


Bree said...

Dude. check my blog if you have time...I was wondering if you'd want to hit the hina matsuri thing next saturday. let me know. XD

Blue said...

How many days until April? I have no idea.

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