Friday, February 18, 2005

Today two of my roommates headed out for their tournament this weekend, leaving the apartment half empty. This isn't unusual though, it's just that usually I'm on the tournament track with them. I'm not this time though. I'm going to Houston next week because my debate partner, Hillary, and I haven't been off circuit before. And while I'm looking forward to it, I'm slightly nervous.

Sure, debate is an international thing. It's even national in America. I'm just worried about the localization of debate and if Hillary and I will be able to adapt to it well enough. We do great in rounds and we know where we need to improve, but I often wonder if success in the northwest means success elsewhere. It's not a doubting issue though. It's a curiosity.

A curiosity that will be illuminated in less than a week.

Until then, and with the spare time I have this weekend, all I can do is prepare and go in with what I know. Heh! As long as a certain Policy debate team isn't there, I'm happy.


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