Wednesday, February 23, 2005

* : No sexual connotations are reflected in that statement. If you see any, it is of your own perversion, not mine!

I love doing debate, but having to juggle homework assignments from my numerous classes and have them either completely done before I leave for a tournament or near done so I can easily do them when I get back from a tournament is a bit killer.

That's how my President's Day weekend has been spent: doing homework from Calculus, Japanese, Japanese Culture readings, and speech revision for debate. Granted I watched some movies, but I did homework while watching them, cracking down on the studies so they don't break me while I'm away. Three nights in a row of staying up past one in the morning is starting to take its toll. I've been pushing through the day fairly well with the help of Starbucks and some other caffeinated beverages, but I need to be cautious so as not to screw myself over before I leave for the tournament in terms of sleep deprivation.

So far, I'm almost done with all the currently assigned Calculus homework for next week. I've finished my horrid workbook assignment for Japanese without slitting my wrists. I've even managed to get a hold of my amazing Anthropology professor from last semester who gave me Anthropology book recommendations to help with my minor research on my introduction for one of my speech events. I've read various magazines for debate in preparation for the tournament, and have even prepared some cases with the help of my debate partner, Hillary. Yeah, I'm nerd core!

I just hope burning all this midnight oil is enough to keep me ahead and allow me to do well at Houston at the same time. I don't want to fall behind and screw up my grades because I actually have an awesome shot at a 4.0 this semester. I also want to do well in debate and speech so that I feel more confident in what I'm bringing to Nationals.

Alas, speech research beckons as sleep lingers off in the distance.

UPDATE: It's 1:41 a.m. and I've gotten almost everything done--revised introduction and math! Hahaha! I don't have to stay up to 3:30ish like I did last night!! ;)


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