Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Recently I've been reading books for a potential prose piece for my speech tournament, but so far I have been unsuccessful. Most of this is due in part to the boredom that comes over me after reading the first ten pages of certain books. However, the book I'm currently reading isn't that bad. It's just confusing. I'm not sure I can turn it in to a prose yet, but I'm hoping to.

I guess that's the problem right now: I've got all these ideas for speeches (an idea for a CA, an idea for an ADS, and an idea for a Prose) for this semester, but I can't actualize on them.

I keep running into minor problems with the topics that I've picked (ADS) or I don't know how to do the event yet (CA), or I don't have a cutting to do anything with yet (Prose).

Hopefully I can shake this soon and get back on the right track or else I might have to deal with the vein, and that's something I don't want to experience...ever.

Yeah, Lacey, I'm calling you!


Thister said...

I'm calling tomorrow night...I was kind of busy tonight. :P

Bree said...

Yeah, I kinda figured. I'll try to be at my parent's house tomorrow between 12-2. LOL Don't stand me up again! XD

Next time, let me know somewhere other than just on your blog, douchebag. I'm not online as much at home as when at school, and I don't have time to frequent here as often. LOL I know, bad friend, river of life blah blah apocolypse blah rebirth blah death blah. *do do DOO doot doo doo do!*

By the way, we have a guy on our team named Rick. Oh, what a semester we now face. *Beats head on desk*

Anonymous said...

lol, are you not looking forward to next semester because his name is Rick?
what the fuck, you.. you... you namist!

oh yes, I said namist.


Thister said...

Eh...I figured if you got the e-mail and I hadn't called by then that you'd realize I wasn't calling or had already called that evening. Either way, communicatoin was achieved.

Woo! We finally have a RICK! That's great, RICK! I can't wait for more RICK crap to go on. RICK!


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