Thursday, December 16, 2004

With my finals done, my bags packed, and my room somewhat cleaned, I'm on my way back to Germany.

Though, I have to say it has certainly been an interesting semester, and while I'd like to reflect on it now I think it'd be best to wait until I get home. Besides, I need to have some sleep before I fly out later today (at roughly 10 A.M.). Although it is trite and very cliche, I can say I learned a lot this semester and this year.

The reflections I have yet to write will consist of a lot more than what I'm about to write, but some of the most important things I've learned this semester and year are:

  1. A real friend will take care of you when you're lost, down, upset, angry, emo-depressed, and bored.
  2. Spending money on fast food isn't the best idea, but it's quick and easy.
  3. Family is always concerned (and I love them for it).
  4. Some professors do suck. (Dr. Parks and Ehara-sensei)
  5. Some professors are amazing. (Marty and Dr. House)
  6. College is about becoming educated. If you aren't here to learn and grow, then what the hell are you doing here? This is not a marriage institution.
  7. Political Science as a major will get you nowhere.
  8. Certain "rich bitch" up-class bullshit colleges really are vindictive. No matter, they still suck and can't match up with our amazing debate team. Which, in case you didn't know, has only recently gained recognition because of our amazing football team. Who knew we'd ride their coattails?
  9. Friends become family when they watch your car. (And, of course, really care for you like family. My deepest thanks to them! :D )
  10. You are never so alone when you have friends, family, and love all around you. It's always there. Sometimes, though, you have to quit being emo-depressed and see it's right in front of you.

Again, I'll reflect more later. It's been another great semester and I'm looking forward to the next...even if it makes me want to kill myself.

To my Spud Buds in Idaho: I'll drink a beer or two for all of you. :D I'll see you in a few weeks. Happy Holidays! Oh! By the way, part of my New Year's resolution is to kick those certain "rich bitch" college's asses at the next tournament. I can't wait! :D


Bree said...

Thanks for the CD, duder! I heart it!

And how come the only time you're nice to me is when you're leaving? ha ha just teasing. Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week...hope you had fun on the plane. Let me know when you've gotten there safe and sound.

And please...try not to kill your brother. XD

carebear said...

hey just hoping for a great break for ya and don't let things get to you, enjoy the moments with family. i am always here for ya no matter what...*hugs always* sis...

Blue said...'s the cake I had for lunch. It had baileys and amaretto in it...heheh...I had a slice and a half and then Jill cut me off. LOL Anyway, I hope you had a good, safe flight...considering you hate flying if you're not knocked out. *Dramamine* lol WOOHOO! I hope you didn't kill Brandon. That'd be bad. LOL

Thister said...

Haha! Well, I made it back safely. I'm going to post about it, so no worries. ;)

Talk to all of you soon. :D

carebear said...

hey, i got your messenge from this morning...thanks...i finally DID it...i am so moving forward now and also i don't have to work over break either....the only thing that i am worried about now is my should be ok but i have 4 C's and 1 i will see....i will be home tomm after i will be home all 2 weeks until jan 2...then i will be working...but i will be at home if you want to cal to you later...sis

Bree said...

Yeah, so....F.M.Alchemist was really good last night (I'm totally not rubbing it in, I swear) and I had typed an equally good summary of it for you when AOL kicked me offline. Have I mentioned that I LOATHE AoL? Because I do. Loathe. it. It took so long that I just got discouraged and have neglected to write it all again. I'll get to it...eventually. XD

Zucchini said...

Dear God, please tell me you're not watching it on Adult Swim. >_> They totally have the wrong voice actors for Ed and Roy. No one can do better angst Ed screams than Romi Paku. Anyway, umm... weee. Hi Wayne! I haven't been reading in a while.. so I went back and read entries to catch myself up. This semester was so busy.. I haven't written any entries in a long while. ENVYENVY that you are in Deutschland. Eat some schnitzel for me!

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