Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Today my Japanese class got the evaluation forms to fill out on our professor and our education. I spent 20 minutes writing about how much I disliked the class and the professor. Here are some of my comments:

"Class time was not used effectively by the professor. He used nearly 20 minutes a day to discuss various things that didn't have any relation to the class." ; "The Professor was enthusiastic about the material, but never made it fun or culturally educational as upper-level language classes are supposed to be." ; "No, I would not recommend this professor to any other students. This class is the equivalent to buying the required books and going to the library to practice and read them on my own. My money could have been spent better." ; "Make the material more fun and interesting, be creative. The class consisted of reading, reading, writing, reading, reading." ; "Outline course objectives and due dates and stick to them. Don't change them and then say that the assignment is late when you never announced the new due date. Work on communication with students." ; "Either improve the method of teaching or get a new professor for upper level language classes. If not, just get rid of the department altogether because as of right now it's not that educational or interesting."
Yeah, that last one is harsh. I don't think I've ever been that mean on an evaluation before.


Thister said...

At least I wan't the only one who said things like that...

Bree said...

Nice, dude. You told me about a couple of these, but wow...that should get their attention.

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