Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Don't you find it funny how many minutes and hours of the day we spend worrying about things in the future? I do.

Today, hours were wasted by my thoughts. Hours wasted by my worrying about some assignment that's due two days from now, but really means nothing in the long run. At least, not that much.

Someone once said to me, "Twenty-four hours from now it will be tomorrow and this will have already passed." I guess, sometimes I need to remind myself that tomorrow is only twenty-four hours away. That, in hours, day, weeks, etc., from now this will have passed and I'll be tackling something new. I'll be doing something else and not really thinking about what already happened.

However, this does not mean that I like my professor. I don't. In fact, I dislike him immensely. When evaluations come around I'm going to be the last one to finish writing because I have so much to say. Aside from that, though, it just means I've finally come to some sort of peace with the current situation at hand with this class.

Now is what matters, and now is what I'm thinking about.


Bree said...

That was significantly less brash than I thought it was going to be...I guess the five hour distraction worked! a-HA! I AM good stress relief!

Six pages down, nine sources...Lord, it's 3 AM. It's just me, my keyboard, five million articles, and the Beatles now. Oh, and my Cherry Coke. w00t.


Thister said...

Gah! Sorry to hear that you only got 25 minutes of sleep!!! *HUG* I think we'll take a relaxation break once this week is over.

Stupid ass school!

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