Saturday, November 13, 2004

Judging high school policy debate requires that you be incredibly stupid and buy completely ludicrous arguments like: sex/slave trafficking will lead to nuclear war, dehumanization will lead to nuclear war, and a plethora of others. Do high schoolers really think we're stupid enough to buy these fallacious arguments...apparently so. I don't want to hear another speech about how the world is going to end in nuclear war because I vote for the Affrimative or Negative. Stupid fuckers!

Also, if I have to listen to a speech on religious intolerance with the introduction, "my girlfriend is Mormon and I'm Catholic and we believe in religious tolerance," someone is going to get hurt.

This is why I don't do judging...

P.S. Caryn, I'm not mad at you! ;)


carebear said...

hey man, i feel the same way of how immature some people are these's pretty sad. Scott Peterson was found guilty, i am soooo happy that he was found for the murder of his wife and son. anyways....did you go to the football game...i caught some of it on tv where bsu was losing, but still able to catch up.....
peace sis

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