Monday, November 29, 2004

"You live the life you're given with the storms outside, and some days all I do is watch the sky."--Watch the Sky :: Something Corporate

After reviewing my academic plans it has come to my attention that I'll be taking five more semesters worth of math classes because my major requires that you be an insane nerdy masochist. Yeah, it worries me too. I'm taking my first of the five semesters this Spring with Calculus I and all the fun that it will bring. (Which, hopefully is not a gun to my head or a trip to the hospital because of alcohol poisoning.)

It's not that bad, I suppose. The Math Department on my campus, however, is another story. If the department didn't pry itself on having a 70% failure rate I'd feel better about taking that much math.

Tutor? Yeah, I think I'll be getting one.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to the rest of my classes...except for the fact that half of them are with my current lousy Japanese professor. Once I'm done with these classes, though, I'll pretty much have my minor out of the way.

Let's see if I'm still singing this tune after the first two-four weeks of next semester.


chace said...

bah, I am in your same boat, Wayne. Except, mine isn't quite as bad. I am condensing three into two. I am taking math 147 (which I hear is killer.. 143 and 144 combined) this upcoming semester, and calculus 1, summer 05...

Blue said...

BAH! School bites. If I were queen of the world, we could automatically be qualified for whatever career we wish to pursue. (If that can't happen, just put money in my pocket regularly...)

Honestly, Wright State sucks sometimes ("Right State, Wrong University"). Like, ok, (the valley girl is going to come out, bear with it) I registered for Winter quarter and like, they only offer like ONE OF EACH CLASS THAT I NEED! More people come to Wright State in the winter. Like, they like take a quarter off and then start. I know plenty of people who have done so. So I had a hell of a time trying to register. AND THEN... since we register online, everyone and their uncle's brother's monkey was trying to get online at 7:00 that morning. I get on and it says: I'm sorry, your student record is currently unavailable. Please try back in 19 minutes. GRRRRRRR
So I hope I enjoy my winter quarter. I promise to try and enjoy mine if you promise to try and enjoy yours. (wow...if Mr. Burland read this, I'd fail his class if I were still a jr. Dude. I left that class and those damn forbidden words are back! HA! DEFY!!!!!!!!!!!) I'm going to go to work now before I drive the rest of the world insane.

BTW: I don't smell anymore! LOL!!!! HAHAHA

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